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Fighting Fundamentalist Marketing Beliefs5 Min Read

Fighting Fundamentalist Marketing Beliefs5 min read


Sam Harris, author, and famous atheist, has taken a firm stand against the dangers of fundamentalist religions. He asserts that they are not only delusional but harmful to both individuals and society.

On the extremes, the hate-cult of Westboro Baptist Church and the suicide bombings by Islamist extremists come to mind. Any time people are so blinded by beliefs that almost any means justify the ends, trouble can’t be too far behind.

But I think railing against such fundamentalism is an incredibly hard task. It’s not easy to change the minds of extremists whose faith is deeply ingrained and supported by communities of like-minded individuals.

Anti Marketing Fundamentalism

I’d like to suggest that a problem closer to home might be a better place to start. The place where I put my energies is on what I call “Anti Marketing Fundamentalist Beliefs.”

Independent Professionals are particularly susceptible to such beliefs. And perhaps the most harmful and soul-sucking belief that so many have succumbed to is:

“Marketing Must Be Avoided at All Costs”

This fanatical belief is worshiped far and wide by Independent Professionals and seems to have an all-consuming controlling power when it comes to marketing their professional services.

There are many spin-off beliefs to this core belief and I thought I’d outline several of them here so that you can be aware of them before they take control of your marketing and business.

Hopefully, you’ll recognize some of the symptoms and costs of these beliefs.  

“I’m Not the Marketing Type”

This conviction, common amongst Independent Professionals, asserts that there actually is a “marketing type.” Yet none has ever been found. Young or old people, professionals, creative people, and nerds have all had success with marketing. There is no one type of person who can’t learn how to market successfully. But if you believe it, your marketing is doomed.

“I Don’t Have the Time”

Time studies have been conducted with professionals, business owners, executives and line workers. The astounding conclusion is that everyone has exactly the same amount of time given to them each day, 24 hrs. The fanatic belief in this doctrine prevents people from proactively managing projects, planning schedules and letting go of lame excuses. But notice how easily the words fall from your lips, putting you in a downward spiral of avoidance.

“Marketing and Selling Are Hard”

This belief is hard-wired in its adherents since grade school. Every mother and father warn their children of the evils of marketing and selling. Yet extensive field trials have proven that “marketing hardness” is a superstition. Marketing simply involves learning a series of practices and disciplines that take some time and effort to master, like everything else that’s worthwhile.

“Nobody Will be Interested”

This article of faith is triggered when the first person you talk to about your business isn’t wildly excited about your offerings. This obviously proves that nobody at any time and in any place will ever be interested. So what’s the use? This delusion results in hiding, playing small and the inability to pick up telephones.

“Marketing Won’t Work for “My” Business”

This nuanced belief stops any productive marketing activity in its tracks. After all, it’s conceded that marketing might, in fact, work for others, but not for me. Those who hold onto this notion argue that their business it too unique, complex or “special” that they would never stoop to actually trying to communicate clearly about its benefits and value.

“I Don’t Want to Be Pushy”

The true believers of this sentiment imagine themselves as paragons of virtue. They would never willingly burden others with information about their business, let alone follow-up with someone who actually showed some interest. They firmly hold onto the practice of “waiting until someone calls me,” until the fateful day that they go out of business.

“Good Marketers are Jerks”

Marketing is seen as humiliating and degrading, practiced by jerks, hypesters, and con-men. So heaven forbid that their good name and reputation would ever be sullied by the practices of an effective marketer. Better to fumble along incompetently with marketing and be seen as a “nice person” than actually develop real marketing skills.

The bad news is that these seven doctrines of Marketing Avoidance are only scratching the surface. The number of insidious beliefs about marketing are multiplying daily.

These ones are also regarded as gospel by many Independent Professionals:

I Have to Know What to Do Before I Start

Nobody Reads Anything Anymore Anyway

Social Media is The Only Way to Go

Videos Can’t Be More Than 2 Minutes Long

Nobody Opens Their Email These Days

Of course, all of these doctrines, beliefs, credos, and articles of faith bow down to the god of “Avoid Marketing at All Costs, It Might Hurt You.”

Action Plan Marketing is making a firm stand against these irrational fundamentalists beliefs about the supposed evils of marketing. We go the extra mile to prove that these beliefs are false and soul-destroying.

We have solid scientific evidence that marketing is good for your business, builds self-esteem, attracts your ideal clients and enhances your reputation as an Independent Professional.

The fight isn’t easy, but someone’s got to do it!

If you were offended by this article in any way, I want to assure you that it is your choice to continue to avoid marketing if it makes you feel good. Just don’t expect any miracles.

Cheers, Robert


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