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Marketing Coaching and Consulting Program

for Self-Employed Professionals

26th May 2024

The purpose of marketing coaching

The purpose of this individualized marketing coaching and consulting program is to help self-employed professionals attract more of their ideal clients. 

I’m Robert Middleton and I’ve been doing this work since 1984. I’ve worked with thousands of self-employed professionals and am the author of the bestselling InfoGuru Marketing Manual. I’ve published my weekly email newsletter, Getting Out There, since 1997, read by tens of thousands of subscribers. 

Does this sound like you?

I work exclusively with self-employed professionals such as management consultants, business coaches, and corporate trainers. It’s for those professionals who help their clients get improved results through a wide variety of approaches and disciplines.

My clients are typically seasoned professionals who have been self-employed for several years. They come from diverse backgrounds, from working in small companies to multi-national corporations.

They went out on their own because they wanted the independence and opportunity to do their own thing their own way. They don’t really like working for a boss but they do like helping people and making a difference.

They are a diverse group of men and women, many from around the world, from different ethnic groups and cultures. What they have in common is intelligence, an interest in growth, and a passion for their work.

Why is marketing coaching needed?

Many self-employed professionals struggle to attract enough of the clients they really want to work with. They want great clients who are ready to make changes and who have the budget to get the help they need to make those changes.

But many professionals just don’t like the idea of marketing and selling. They find it challenging to talk about what they do. And they don’t like hype, hard-sell, or manipulation.

Most get their new clients from word-of-mouth but don’t have any reliable, repeatable system for attracting more of their ideal clients.

These are typically some issues they experience:

They are frustrated that they are not getting attention for their services or programs. So they don’t get much response to their outreach efforts. 

They struggle to get in front of enough of their ideal prospective clients. So they don’t have the opportunity to present their services to enough people. 

They are unclear about how to powerfully write about their services. As a result, prospective clients don’t fully grasp the benefits they offer. 

They are discouraged that their sales closing rate is low. As a result, they are not getting as much business as they feel they deserve. 

My work focuses on these four outcome-oriented practices: 

1. Crafting compelling marketing messages that focus on the ultimate outcome you offer, effectively communicate the core value of your work, and generate a strong response.

2. Getting in front of more of the right prospective clients who have the potential to either purchase your services or provide valuable referrals.

3. Creating web-based marketing materials that are both clear and concise, effectively communicating your value proposition and outlining your unique approach.

4. Effectively engaging in a relaxed, non-manipulative selling process that results in consistently closing new projects for your professional services and programs. 

It’s these four marketing practices that have proven to work the best to consistently gain more of your ideal clients. 

What can you expect to gain from working with me?

You will become better at attracting more of your ideal clients to your business. You will get more opportunities to communicate with prospective clients about what you do and share the value you have – both honestly and persuasively.

You’ll feel more confident about communicating about your business, explaining your value, writing emails, developing web materials, giving presentations, preparing proposals, and closing more business.

Marketing your professional services will be less of a struggle and mystery and will feel more natural and easy. You’ll realize that marketing can be done with integrity and without hype.

Ultimately, you’ll adopt a whole new mindset to marketing your professional services.

What do I help you avoid?

Marketing your professional services can be overwhelming. There are literally a million things you could do. And it can be very confusing trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Where should you spend your time and what should you avoid?

So, we help you avoid confusion and overwhelm. We show you what works and help you develop the skills to implement the most effective approaches and strategies. I train, coach, consult, and support you in being successful at attracting your ideal clients.

How do I work with my clients?

Currently, I work with clients individually and in my group program. In most cases, I work with clients for 3-6 months, sometimes more. We typically meet two or three times a month for 60 to 90-minute coaching/ training/ consulting sessions conducted via Zoom video.  

You’ll receive step-by-step marketing systems, tutorials, and assignments where the emphasis is on taking action (as opposed to just learning information).

My primary goal is to help you get out there and start communicating with prospective clients about your value. This is simple, but it can also be very challenging. 

Mastery through Taking Action

My approach is all about learning and applying marketing ideas and strategies that work to attract your ideal clients. We’ll meet, talk, and explore. Then you’ll work at applying what you learn to get your message and your services and programs in front of your prospective clients.

Marketing is 100% communication. It’s knowing how to communicate the value of your services so that prospective clients become interested, want to know more, and ultimately end up engaging your professional services.

How is my approach different?

My work was developed as a result of 38 years of working with hundreds of self-employed professionals on their marketing. It is practical and hands-on. It contains a ton of information but it is primarily based on learning and taking action. 

My approach is very personalized. Although we work with certain marketing strategies and approaches, everything is customized to your needs. One size does not fit all. 

You’ll learn an approach or strategy and then immediately receive an assignment to put what you’ve learned into action.

You will work harder at this program than almost anything you’ve previously done in your business. And your business will move forward measurably. 

What is marketing coaching not?

It is not an online program where you study videos and documents on your own without support or feedback. It is not about passive marketing such as social media, content marketing, web marketing, or online marketing. 

It’s not about complex and confusing marketing mumbo jumbo. It’s about learning principles and practices that work and then taking action. It’s not even about hope; it’s about results. 

It is not a lot of useless information that overwhelms you and that you never implement.

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