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A collection of articles designed to move you into action

I’ve been writing articles for my business for more than 30 years, and 21 years for this blog. Impressed? Gee, I hope so, or this has all been a colossal waste of time!  There are 100+ articles on this current site and the others are lost to time and space. But if you’re a glutton for reading, you’ll find 5 1/2 years worth more on my Old Typepad Blog (2006-2011)

The Most Recent Articles Appear at the Top

How to Select the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Nail Your Marketing Message in Your LinkedIn Profile

Where Friggin’ Exactly are Your Perfect Clients?

How to Turn Intangible Concepts into Tangible Services

A Different Approach to Goal Setting

Marketing or Football – Which is Harder?

John McCain: Honoring the Value of Persistence

The Five Pillars of Marketing Success

The Hardest Thing About Being Self-Employed

Why Most Online Marketing is a Waste of Time – What Works Instead

How to Dramatically Increase Your Email Response

How to Successfully Meet the Three Biggest Marketing Challenges

How to Get Beyond Paralysis by Analysis

How to Go ALL IN on Your Marketing

Action Plan Partial Sabbatical Update

Stop an Addictive Habit – Replace It With an Inspiring One

The Genius Formula: Plan, Promise, Schedule 

Working Your Business From the Zone of Genius

The Amazing Power of Accountability

A Guarantee: The Most Powerful Brand for your Business

Is Your Business a “Service” or a “Brand”?

The Long Lost Art of Being Discovered

For GOD’s Sake, Just Try Something New!

What are Your Business & Marketing Intentions?

10 Obsessive Ways You’re Undermining Your Business

Why Nobody is Reading your Marketing Content

How to Find Your Marketing Sweet Spot

How to Use Follow-Up to Renew Past Clients

Website Insights for a Site That Attracts More Clients

Fighting Truthiness and Hype in Marketing

Money – Four Ways You Can Increase Your Prices

Money – Increase Your Sales by Adding Bonuses

Money – Discovering Your True Value

Money – And How to Make More of It

Make a Difference Before You Make a Profit

Why Storytelling is Key to Attracting Clients

How to Communicate Like a Human Being

Nine Ways to Make Your Business More Visible

Marketing With Logic and Emotion

What a Sasquatch Can Teach You About Attracting Clients

YOU are the Killer App

The 7 Laws of Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Do You Live in a Marketing Fantasyland?

How Real Professionals Market Themselves

When You Don’t Know What to Write

How to Multiply Your Creative Energy

8 Tips to Get Over Marketing Overwhelm

How Marketing is Much Like Cooking

The Million Dollar Consultant’s Most Important Concept

How Wise People Deal With Disappointment

20 Success Secrets Designed to Move You off Your Duff

How to Discover Your Genius

How to Make Cold Calls Hot

The Power of Asking: 5 Simple Asks You Can Make

The Simple, Consistent Way to Get More Appointments

What is the Purpose of Your Marketing?

What Kind of Business Are You?

5 Tips to Turn Contacts into New Clients

5 Tips for Learning to Love Direct Outreach

8 Steps to Creating New Clients

Turn Your Business Model into New Clients

Six Steps to Converting Prospects into Paying Clients

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Direct Outreach: A Marketing Strategy That Works

Marketing Yourself in the NOW!

No Marketing Ideas More Important Than These

Hate Disapproval? Join the Club!

The Tyranny of “Shoulds”

A Marketing Lesson from Boomerangs

Marketing Possibilities – Beyond the Comfort Zone

20 Marketing Questions and Answers

Embracing the Shadow Side of Marketing

How to Learn the Right Marketing How-tos

The Big Key to Improving Your Marketing Skills

The Power of Silence in Marketing

Make Intro Calls, Not Cold Calls

How to Get More Prospects to Meet With You

Has Your Marketing Become a Box?

A Counter-Intuitive Way to Get Unstuck

10 Powerful Marketing Thinking Tips

How to Prove Your Professional Services are Valuable

Create the Perfect Marketing Plan

Six Tips for Think Different Marketing

Here’s Why Trying Doesn’t Work

8 Ways to Unstick Your Marketing Writing

7 Ways to Apply Authentic Marketing

Ready for Your Marketing to be Exciting?

The Virtues of Boring Marketing

Does Marketing Ever Get Easy?

How Not to Freak Out When Things Go Wrong

A Marketing Recipe Book

Balancing Passive and Proactive Marketing Activities

How to Reduce Marketing Stress

The Marketing Glue that Attracts More Clients

Is There a Perfect Marketing Approach?

How to Create Marketing Momentum

Got Marketing Discipline? Sorry, it doesn’t work!

What should you write about in your ezine and blog?

How Do You Explain Your Business When it’s Unexplainable?

10 Things You Must Do to Get New Clients

Lessons you learn after 31 years in business

The 5 Best Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates

The 7 Essentials of Proactive Online Marketing

How Professionals Can Get Beyond Impostor Syndrome

Attract More Clients with a Core Issue Article

How to Make Change Happen Faster

How to Ensure better Client Results

How to Leverage Random Business Connections

How to Ask without Fear of Rejection

How to Make Your Customers Love Your Business

Surviving the Dread Marketing Mistake

Why Marketing Tips Aren’t Enough

How to Build Your Business Faster

Where Should You Focus Your Marketing Efforts?

Lists That Will Help You Manage Marketing Overwhelm

7 Traits for Marketing Breakthroughs

A Little Less Information, A Little More Action

Why do We Resist Asking for Money?

How to Launch a Book That Grows Your Business

Creating a Powerful “Audio Logo”

Secrets to Giving Away Free Stuff

How to Make Your Marketing Flow

Openings and Closing in Marketing

What to Do When You Get a Lead

Fighting Fundamentalist Marketing Beliefs

How to Turn Follow-ups into New Clients

How to Write a Client-Attracting Article


If you want to become a more successful marketer of your professional services, Action Plan Marketing provides a comprehensive resource called the More Clients Club.

The Club is a collection of online marketing courses and tutorials, expert interviews, and resources – with hands-on, step-by-step strategies and guidance on how to attract more of your ideal clients.

In addition, the Club includes the twice-monthly live Marketing Action Program via Zoom videoconference to keep your marketing on track and accountable.

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