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What Do You Like? And Why?3 Min Read

What do You Like? And Why?3 min read


We all like certain things. 

But have you ever thought about what you really like?

There’s a whole lot of things to choose from out there.

What are your preferences?

Below is a list of things that you may like. 

Just read each one and think, for each category,
“What do I like or love the most?”

Just say it to yourself and then go to the next one.

Ready? Start! Take your time. And there are no wrong answers!

The kind of movies you like

The kind of TV shows you like

The kind of music you like

The kind of food you like

The kind of bed you like

The kind of flooring you like

The kind of clothing you like

The kind of hairstyle you like

The kind of computer you like

The kind of cell phone you like

The kind of dessert you like

The kind of watch you like

The kind of work you like

The kind of play you like

The kind of house you like

The kind of pen you like

The kind of books you like

The kind of cars you like

The kind of dogs you like

The kind of husband/wife you like

The kind of political party you like

OK, that’s 21 things that you like.

Now ask yourself this one question:

Did you choose to like any of those things or did you just end up liking one thing instead of another thing?

Really think about that for a few seconds.

Do you like something because your parents or friends liked it?
Do you like something because, well, it just seemed to appeal to you?
Even if you have a reason for what you like, “I like it because…”
Well, where did that reason come from?

Is it logical or illogical that you like certain things?

Why do I like jazz more than any other music?
Why do I love my little white dogs?
Why do I like Macintosh over PC?
Why do I like to think and write?
Why do I like to challenge people’s thinking?

My answer to all of these is, “I have no friggin’ idea!”

It seems very clear to me that I never chose what I like, love, or for that matter, what I dislike or hate.

Those preferences are just there, like the color of my eyes.

They evolved and changed over time – sometimes to the opposite.

So, what is the purpose of this rather annoying inquiry? :–)

Well, when you start to notice and accept that whatever you like is just the way it happened to you… from your upbringing, education, media or happenstance…

Then you may also notice and start to accept that pretty much what everyone else likes wasn’t a choice for them either. They like cats, you like dogs, they like SUVs, you like EVs, They like rock, you like jazz.

This simple realization can make you a little more compassionate and patient about the choices others make. We all have different likes, but none of us really chose them.

Think about it: So many of our problems arise when we don’t like the choices other people make and we try to push our preferences onto them.

How do you like it when others try to do that do you? 

This doesn’t mean you can’t try to persuade someone else to examine and even change their choices. You might have some really good reasons.

But there’s no reason to get worked up and angry about it is there?

The primary challenge in getting along with others is simply understanding and respecting differences.. and choices.

And I think this is something we all need to work on. Don’t you?

Cheers, Robert

Quote of the Week

“The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with. It may be counterintuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices. It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true. But our preferences do not determine what’s true.”

– Carl Sagan


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