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I Have No Frickin’ Idea3 Min Read

I Have No Frickin’ Idea3 min read


Now that the majority of the population of the US and Canada (and soon the World) are self-isolated and are starting to accept we’re in for a long journey, what’s next?

I’ve already shared my conviction that ramping up connections and conversations and going Radically Virtual are the smartest things we can do right now in our businesses.

But other than that, I know nothing. I have no frickin’ idea what will happen over the next few months and what I should do in my business, let alone what you should do.

For my whole career, I’ve given advice. I’ve been a marketing coach and trusted advisor to thousands of people. People have turned to me for my wisdom and insight.

But, let’s get real here. When it comes to what we’re going through, none of us really knows diddly.

Look, not even the president of the United States knows diddly. Unfortunately, he’s not willing to admit that. And so we’re stuck with an idiot who pretends he knows what he’s doing while the government fails to test people or provide protective garments for doctors and nurses.

We’ve never been in a situation quite like this. At least not in our lifetime. My dad fought in World War II and my grandfather fought in World War I. This might be as close as we get to World War III.

But the enemy isn’t a malevolent, power-mad, tyrant. It’s a microscopic virus, only interested in taking residence in our respiratory system. It has no political affiliations and doesn’t hate us, but causes havoc nonetheless.

But given all of that, what will we do? How will we stay safe? How will we manage long weeks in isolation? How will we pay our bills? This little virus has given us a lot to worry about.

So, just like you, I’m trying to figure it out one day at a time. I really have no slick solutions and perfect strategies right now.  The only things I’m holding onto are finding ways to connect with others and be of service.

And I don’t even know what that will look like.

It may look like me writing to you more frequently. It might look like creating videos. It might be coming up with new and different programs. It might be sitting at home and listening to my jazz collection.

I’m starting my next group marketing program in two weeks – Going Radically Virtual – but I can’t know exactly what we’ll focus on and what we’ll cover week-by-week.

Nevertheless, I do now that by working together, we’ll find a way. We always do. We’ll try a bunch of things. Some will flop. Some will work spectacularly well. We’ll offer each other support and encouragement, and through it all, we’ll laugh a lot.

If you want to be part of a wacky program like this, you’re welcome to check it out and let me know.

But, if not, I’ll have other things you may want to participate in. I know there’s power in community, working together, trying new ideas, and accepting imperfection.

I’m not going anywhere, even though I have no frickin’ idea what I’m doing. But I never really did, and somehow I’ve managed to muddle through my life and business and still maintain my sense of humor and wonder.

Be safe, stay connected.

Cheers, Robert


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