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This Will Move Your Business Forward3 Min Read

This Will Move Your Business Forward3 min read


What do you want and need in your business right now? What can move your business forward in these challenging times more than anything else?

Do you need information, inspiration, or insight?

Information is cheap these days. And good information is everywhere. With a little work, we can find what we need either online or from an expert of some sort.

More information about more things is more available than at any time in history. So it doesn’t usually give you the leverage you need to be more effective.

Inspiration is a little more expensive. Inspiration is a change of state. If we are feeling discouraged, stressed, or challenged, we may not be at our resourceful best. The truth is, inspiration is simply an association that is triggered by external events and internal thoughts.

You can shift from discouragement to inspiration by going for a walk or through a good conversation with a coach. So, now you feel better, which is nice but has very little to do with having breakthroughs. 

Real insights, however, are the most valuable and the hardest to acquire. The dictionary defines insight as… “The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.” In other words, insights lead to great ideas, new strategies, and greater possibilities – in your life, relationship, work, and business.

New insights help you communicate the right thing, in the right way at the right time. 

Insights eat information and inspiration for breakfast.

My observation is that most people say they want more information and inspiration. But what we are all really craving are insights. 

But insights into what? Deep insights into what our clients want and what we can offer them. Look, what they wanted and needed a few months ago is very different than what they want and need right now. If that’s not obvious, where have you been?

If you want insights into what to offer next to your clients, do your best to answer these four questions:

1. What is not working for my clients right now that’s triggering stress and struggle?

2. What would they prefer things to be like? What would they like to see happen?

3. Why are they not able to get those results? What is stopping them?

4. What is the value to them of getting those results? What would it mean to them and their business?

Perhaps you already know the answers to these questions. But I would be very careful about assuming anything right now.

But it’s fine if you don’t know. In that case, reach out, have some conversations, and try to understand. Talk to them to discover the answers to those questions. Not superficially, but as deeply as possible. 

You want to approach clients now, not with pre-packaged solutions, but with an openness to discovering the insights that will help you understand what they really need to succeed. 

I’ve discovered that when I’ve gained these kinds of insights, what I offer to my clients is magnetic. They flock to my offerings. If my insights are lacking, the response is less-than-extraordinary.

OK, now stop searching for more information and inspiration and put your efforts towards gaining real insights into exactly what your clients are struggling with and what they need right now.

And then offer them that!

Cheers, Robert


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