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The Politics Of Harmony3 Min Read

The Politics of Harmony3 min read


These days there seems to be more and more friction between the major political divides in our country.

This division is characterized by the World Famous ABCs: Accusation, Blame, and Criticism.

These days a lot of people seem to be focused on how their side and point of view are Right and how the other’s side and point of view are Wrong.

This has only been going on since the dawn of time, but right now, it feels more intense than I ever remember in my lifetime.

I mean, people are talking about civil war. Not a small thing! And I don’t own a musket.

So, how can we take this intense energy down? 

Maybe with a different kind of politics. How about…

 “The Politics of Harmony.”

Essentially, I think this means prioritizing getting along with people more than being in conflict with them. This includes conversation, collaboration, empathy, and listening. It means finding ways to work things out, even when we are at odds with others.

The politics of harmony is not divisive. It’s not about fighting against or blaming anyone. It’s not about taking credit or building ourselves up, either.

I think the Politics of Harmony is about…

Harmony in Action: What if I could focus a little more on simply making things in my world work better, and not attacking others by accusing, blaming, or criticizing those who think or act differently than me?

Present-Centered Mindfulness: How can I find my power in the present moment? How can I make decisions rooted in the current reality, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future?

Integrity and Honesty: How can I learn how to: tell the truth, not harm or deceive, and not badmouth others? (That’s the hardest!)

Empathetic Kindness: How can I be kind and considerate to others?

This worked for me: I walk my two wonderful little dogs in my Boulder Creek neighborhood every day, and I talk to almost everyone I meet. Sometimes just about the dogs! Dogs always make people smile!

Tolerance and Acceptance. I realize that all people are different. They have different values and perspectives. And honestly, a few people are just A-holes. I give them a wide berth and wish them peace.

Resilience and Adaptation: Life can be challenging. I try to go with the flow and minimize my battles. I’m interested in harmony, not struggle.

Pragmatic Progress: I try not to argue with reality or complain about the way things are. I’m not naïve and know the world is far from perfect. I just do the next thing in front of me.

In politics, we can still fight for human rights, voting rights, and equality, but why hate the people who disagree with us?  Why give them that power?

How can we move forward in each moment in (relative) harmony? If only for a few moments at a time?

A thought experiment: The next time you see/hear something on the news that makes your blood boil, and you fall into expressing the ABCs, ask, “How could I find some harmony right in this moment?”

What is your answer to that question?

Cheers, Robert


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