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How Robert’s Getting His Groove Back2 Min Read

How Robert’s Getting His Groove Back2 min read


Have you ever started an exercise program, then quit, then tried again, and then quit again…
Yeah, most of us have.
It seems that this is the way most of us do it.

I’ve been an on and off exerciser for more than 40 years.  
I bought exercise equipment (many times) and then quit them all.
I bounced to music on a rebounder, and then it got old.
I signed up at a friggin’ CrossFit gym and then quit (Pain!).
I joined a regular gym and then quit when the Pandemic hit.
Most lasted a few weeks to a few months or maybe a year.
Then I always got bored.

And then we got two dogs. 
And for the past four years I’ve been walking them every single day.
Park, beach and mostly my little neighborhood in the Redwoods.
Finally, I didn’t quit.

So, that counts as exercise, right?
Right! And the bonus is that I finally met all my neighbors!
And I really love walking with my cuties, Dylan and Meera.
The neighbors like to meet them as well.
So this exercise comes with multiple bonuses.
And I’m rarely bored (Yet!)

However, I know I need more. 
I really need to move my whole body more.
I can feel it in my stiffness in the morning.
So, after much searching and YouTubing looking for an idea…
I bought a Meta Quest VR system with the “Supernatural” exercise program last week. (What can I say, I’m easy to sell! :–))

So there I am in my office flailing away at objects being hurtled at me from the top of the Wall of China (and other exotic locations).
Very fun and cool – I like it. And it made me sweat.
But I don’t LOVE it yet. So, we’ll see.

But it got me moving.
Next, I turned on my playlist, “Jazz that Grooves” – you know, jazz you can actually dance to and work up a sweat.
And then I grabbed my little 3# green dumbbells and started swinging ‘em around as I (slowly) danced to the music.

Now… this… I… like! It feels good. 

Bonuses… I’m doing my new routine after walking the dogs and am already warmed up. 
I get to both listen to and move to jazz. Heaven.
And I also get to groove at my own pace.
No keeping score, no quotas,
No over-doing it, not doing it perfect,
Not trying to hit a target or prove something.

Most important Insight that I often forget:
Movement and exercise are their own immediate reward.
It energizes and enlivens.
Plus, I can exercise at any time and in any weather.
I know it’s working… I am really feeling my body –
In the moment.

Jazz, light dumbbells. Sway to the music at my pace. 

So, as in everything, one step at a time and see where this adventure takes me.

Cheers, Robert

What is your personal exercise adventure?


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