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The Marketing Scorecard

Score how well you’re doing with your marketing

This Marketing Scorecard is not designed to depress you, but it probably will. But take a chance. After all, your score may be astoundingly high and then you can celebrate!

But your score (and hence, your marketing), may totally suck. Don’t despair. It’s better to know where you need to improve than deny reality and be ridiculed by your peers behind your back.

Once you know, you can start working on those marketing areas that need shoring up or a major teardown and overhaul. Knock yourself out.

Score yourself from 0 to 5 for each statement below. Just put your score in the fields provided and the subtotals and total will fill in automatically. Score yourself based on the frequency you implement each of the items listed in the scorecard.

0 – Never

1 – Sporadically

2 – Inconsistently

3 – Occasionally

4 – Consistently

5 – Always

A Note about the ScoreCard. The areas on the ScoreCard are all action-oriented items. They are the things you need to be, do and have for powerful marketing. My experience has proven that improving any of these areas can have a major impact on your marketing effectiveness. The trick is knowing what to improve and how to improve it. And now you’ll know.

About Your Score

Your score should indicate how successful you are overall in attracting ideal clients to your business. Your score will likely correspond to your ability to attract clients.

0 to 30 – You are attracting virtually no clients. Your marketing totally sucks.

31 to 60 – You have very few clients and no ideal clients. Also pretty sucky.

61 to 90 – It is still a struggle to attract your ideal clients. But less sucky.

91 to 120 – You are attracting some good clients more regularly. Fewer sucks.

121 to 150 – You are attracting all the ideal clients you can handle. Zero sucks.

If your score is high, awesome! If it sucks, well, you’re in good company. That’s why you’re here, right? Start reading the blog posts and other material on the site and start working to improve your score. It’s only the success of your business that’s at stake, after all.


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