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The Diver And The Diving Coach2 Min Read

The Diver and the Diving Coach2 min read


Once upon a time, there was a young woman who wanted to be an Olympic diver more than anything else.

She read books and watched videos about Olympic divers as it was the most exciting thing in the world for her.

So, she decided to find a diving coach and the only one that would do was halfway around the world in Germany.

So, she contacted her by email, told her why she wanted to hire her, and asked if she could do their lessons by Zoom.

As the diving coach was the very best in the world, and very expensive, it took some persuasion to get her to coach the novice diver, but after a while, she agreed to take her on.

Every week they met via Zoom and went over positions, practice, body movements, and form.

And in-between coaching sessions she read more books and watched more videos.

About a year later, the diving coach told her that she was visiting her city and would love to see her and watch her dive.

There was a long silence at the end of the line.

“What’s the matter?” said the diving coach.

“Well,” said the novice diver, “I haven’t actually done any diving yet.”

“You haven’t been diving!? Then what have you been doing after all of that training I’ve given you?“

“Well, I’ve been working to understand how to dive perfectly. And when I get to that place, I’ll start diving!”

After a long pause, the diving instructor said, “OK, I still want to see you when I visit your city.

“Let’s arrange to meet at the city pool where I’ll be working.”

A week or so later they met.

They walked to the edge of the pool and without a pause, the diving coach pushed the diver forcefully into the pool.

“That was perfect!” she said.

And in that moment the novice diver finally realized she was ready.

Question for you:

Are you waiting for everything to be perfect before you start getting out there and marketing yourself?

You need to start accepting that every step you take is perfect, even if it doesn’t get results yet.

You are ready. Time to dive!

Cheers, Robert

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