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Struggling to Attract New Clients?

attracting clients

Are you a B2B Consultant, Coach, or Trainer
who wants to attract more high-end clients? 

Do you continually struggle to attract great clients? Do you love performing your professional service but find it a real chore to market and sell new high-end programs and services?

attracting new clientsHi, I’m Robert Middleton and I’ve been working with independent, B2B professionals like you (consultants, coaches, trainers) since 1984.

You want effective ways to attract new clients, but you might not know where to start, or perhaps what you’ve been doing to attract clients isn’t working anymore. Many of my clients are over 50 and their networks have dried up and the phone isn’t ringing much anymore. 

Have you implemented various marketing activities but you found the response to be less than you hoped for? When you get a lead to a good potential client do you convert only a small percentage of them into paying clients? And if you do convert them, do you often not get paid what you’re really worth?

You Can Learn How to Attract High-End Clients to Your Business

Your marketing can be much more successful. And it should be just as easy and as fun as performing your professional services. The key is first developing powerful, high-end, outcome-based programs and services and then learning how to present their value with impact to your prospective clients. When you do this successfully, you can start charging higher fees, as well as getting superior outcomes that result in referrals from satisfied clients. 

Sound impossible? It’s not.

If It’s So Easy, Why Haven’t You Done It?

Most professional service providers are notoriously bad at packaging their services and programs for value. They put too much attention on selling their processes, not their outcomes. And they don’t charge what their services or programs are really worth.

When you package and present your services and programs in a way that builds a powerful case for your value and outcomes, the struggle and effort disappear from marketing and selling. You attract more clients and you make more money.

“If you struggle with marketing, there is
no better teacher in the world.”

– Sharon Rich, Think Business Growth

Master a Four-Step Process to Attracting Clients

Successfully marketing and selling-high-end professionals service is a straightforward four-step process:

1. Develop one or more High-End Outcome-Based (H.E.O.B.) programs or services.

2. Get the attention of prospective clients who are looking for the ultimate outcomes you deliver through your programs – and get meetings with them. 

3. Present your service or program through an interactive and dynamic presentation that makes a powerful case for your offering – one that makes it irresistible.

4. Explore with your prospective clients if what you are offering is a good fit through a no-pressure Strategy Session.

This marketing and selling approach will give you a continuous flow of ideal high-end clients who are ready to work with you and pay you what you’re worth.

A First Step: My Free Report

I created an in-depth report on how to get more meetings with your ideal clients. I’ve compiled the very best, proven ideas for getting the attention of prospective clients and then getting meetings and conversations with them that ultimately convert them into new paying clients.

It’s something you can learn and it’s something you can do. I put a lot of thought and work into this report and I hope you find it valuable.

Just enter your name and email below and it’s yours!

business coach

My Clients
I work exclusively with business-to-business professionals such as management consultants, business coaches, corporate trainers, speakers, and writers (and often a combination of these). They are great at what they do, love to make a real difference, and often struggle with getting meetings and landing clients.

My Clients’ Challenge
There are two main challenges in marketing your professional services. The first is that you simply don’t know the best approaches and strategies to attract high-end clients. The second is that you don’t have the time or the energy to figure this out without making a lot of mistakes. As a result, you don’t have an effective strategy to attract high-end clients and you never figure it out.

It took me years and years to crack the code on this. And now I help other self-employed B2B professionals to attract more high-end clients much more easily than they ever thought possible. 

How I Work
I facilitate the Marketing Action Group Program (Attract More of Your Ideal, High-End Clients) twice a year starting in April and September. This program is for business-to-business professionals who need to attract more clients and grow their businesses but don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it. They are looking for ideas, information, strategies, how-tos, inspiration, and accountability to put their marketing into action so they can make the difference they want to make. 

Why I’m Different
There are a whole lot of people out there with services and programs for attracting clients. But I was one of the very first online and have a solid track record of success. And my program is an Action Program, not another Information Program. I teach my program participants what to do and they go into action. I give feedback and support in implementing what they learn. And as a result, they get more new, high-end clients. Not only that, I offer a results guarantee. And the first month of my program is free! (No kidding.)

My next program starts in April 2021. Get on my list by getting my free report above and you’ll be notified when my next program is starting. 

Where You’ve Seen Me
Well, I’ve been around for a while… in business since 1984 and online since 1996 and have published my weekly ezine and blog to hundreds of thousands of self-employed professionals all over the world. I wrote the InfoGuru Marketing Manual in 1999 which was an online bestseller and kickstarted the “industry” of assisting self-employed people with their marketing. I’ve worked with thousands of clients and program participants. 

What Others Say:
“In Robert’s program, ten years ago, he transformed the way that I think about marketing. He gave me tools that are simple and work to this day, he gave me perspectives that changed my mindset and perhaps most powerful of all he connected me with people who continue to be invaluable in my business and life. If you struggle with marketing, there is no better teacher in the world.” — Sharon Rich

“I bought several of your programs through the years and joined your program three years ago, putting in many hours of study and application. My results? My Built-for-Results Program and my marketing now work. My income doubled two years ago, and again the year after. – Albert van Niekerk

“Before I started working with you, I was trying to get the courage up to raise the prices of my services from $1400 to $1900. But after you taught me about high-value, high-priced packages, I now command $7,100 or more per client! I’m just coming off my two best months ever, at $20K and 26K respectively!” – Tammy Kabell

“I’m a professional marketer. Companies pay a lot of money for the results I help them create. So why did I see a need for Robert’s help with my own marketing? First, Robert has an exceptional talent for understanding what you are trying to say and boiling things down into simple language that resonates with potential clients. You and I are too close to our own businesses. We need the clarity that comes from an expert with a talent for seeing the essence of what we do and helping us communicate it. Second, I’ve found that I implement faster when following his coaching and using his proven frameworks for getting into action.” — Bob Sherlock 

My Prime Values
Helping my clients produce results and sticking with them until they succeed. Honoring the value and genius of each client. Working and playing hard. Having fun. Living in the now. Being kind. 

Check Out The Site
There’s a lot of free information here on my Free-stuff pages plus tons of articles on my blog on how you can attract more clients as a self-employed BtoB professional. 

Thanks for visiting!

Cheers, Robert

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