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Looking for New Clients?

attracting clients

Are you an independent business-to-business professional
who wants to attract more clients? 

business coachHi, I’m Robert Middleton and I’ve been working with independent, buisness-to-business professionals like you since 1984.

You want effective ways to attract new clients, but you might not know where to start, or perhaps what you’ve been doing to attract clients isn’t working anymore.

New clients don’t come out of thin air. First, you need to know exactly who your ideal clients are. Second, you need to know where to find them. Third, you need to know how to connect with and meet with them.

But exactly how do you get those meetings with qualified, prospective clients?

To answer that question, I created an in-depth report on how to get more meetings with your ideal clients. I’ve compiled the very best, proven ideas for getting the attention of prospective clients and then getting meetings and conversations with them that ultimately convert them into new paying clients.

It’s something you can learn and it’s something you can do. I put a lot of thought and work into this report and I hope you find it valuable.

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attracting new clients

About Action Plan Marketing

My Clients
I work exclusively with business-to-business professionals such as management consultants, business coaches, corporate trainers, speakers and writers (and often a combination of these). They are great at what they do, love to make a real difference, and often struggle with getting meetings and landing clients.

My Clients’ Challenge
There are two main challenges in marketing your professional services. The first is fear. Fear of doing it wrong and being rejected or making a fool of yourself. And the second is simply avoiding taking action and trying things out. Small things, really, but if you don’t get past them, your marketing is stuck. 

How I Work
I facilitate the More Clients Group Program (Get More Meetings & Land More Clients) twice a year. This program is for business-to-business professionals who need to attract more clients and grow their businesses but put off marketing activities as mentioned above. They are looking for ideas, information, inspiration, and accountability to put their marketing into action and make a real difference. 

Next program starts in April 2020.

Where You’ve Seen Me
Well, I’ve been around awhile… in business since 1984 and online since 1996 and have published my weekly ezine and blog to hundreds of thousands of self-employed professionals all over the world. I wrote the InfoGuru Marketing Manual in 1999 which was an online bestseller and kickstarted the “industry” of assisting self-employed people with their marketing. 

What Others Say
“I bought several of your programs through the years and joined your program three years ago, putting in many hours of study and application. My results? My Built-for-Results Program and my marketing now work. My income doubled two years ago, and again the year after.” – Albert van Niekerk

“Before I started working with you, I was trying to get the courage up to raise the prices of my services from $1400 to $1900. But after you taught me about high-value, high-priced packages, I now command $7,100 or more per client! I’m just coming off my two best months ever, at $20K and 26K respectively!” – Tammy Kabell

My Prime Values
Helping my clients produce results and sticking with them until they succeed. Honoring the value and genius of each client. Working and playing hard. Laughter. Living in the now. Being kind. 

Check Out The Site
There’s a lot of free information here on my Free-stuff pages plus tons of articles on my blog on marketing for self-employed professionals.

Thanks for visiting!

Cheers, Robert

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