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Is It Possible To Persuade Ethically?2 Min Read

Is it Possible to Persuade Ethically?2 min read


If we want to grow our businesses and attract new clients, we need to learn how to persuade people. But how do we do that ethically, without manipulation?

I’ve worked with many clients who have struggled with this issue. Nobody likes to be seen as a pushy salesperson.

Over the weekend, I asked ChatGPT five questions about ethical persuasion and selling.

I’ve posted my five questions below.

All you need to do is paste them into ChatGPT one at a time and get a powerful primer on how to make persuasion and selling as ethical as possible.

By the way, the key to getting value from ChatGPT is in the questions you ask.

Question #1

What are the key principles of ethical persuasion? That is, what are the principles that can be used to persuade someone to our point of view or to sell a professional service ethically, without deception, with the other’s best interests in mind?

Question #2

What are some of the most common fears and biases that prevent us from trying to persuade or sell someone, even if our services or program are both valuable and delivered ethically with professional expertise?

Question #3

Of all these skills related to persuasion and selling and overcoming our fears and hesitations around persuasion and selling, what is a plan of action that we can take to strengthen our abilities and competence in that arena?

Question #4

What are the biggest rewards someone is likely to gain, both externally and internally by following this course of action?

Question #5

How might a marketing consultant or coach help an independent professional improve their abilities in the area of persuasion? (When I read this, it was scary how close this was to how I work with clients!)

Have fun!

Cheers, Robert

P.S. I also hope this will give you some insights into how to use ChatGPT in your business.


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