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The Five Wisest Sayings?3 Min Read

The Five Wisest Sayings?3 min read


What are the ultimate wisest sayings? Sayings that when fully understood can transform our lives? Good question. Let’s see…

Wise sayings, aphorisms, proverbs, adages, or maxims have been around for a very long time.

If you do a little research, you’ll learn that there are thousands of wise sayings recorded from hundreds of sources and cultures as far back as Mesopotamia, in 3400 BC.

See Sumerian Wise Sayings here.

With a little research and analysis, I emerged with five of these ideas/sayings that appear in one form or another over thousands of years and in hundreds of cultures.

You might call them the “Five Wisest Sayings.” Here they are, expressed in the first person:

1. Who I am is aware in the here and now. 

This present-moment awareness includes everything I experience in my world, my sensations, thoughts, and feelings. My true power resides in living with awareness in this present moment.

2. I Shape my future with today’s choices.

Every choice we make shapes our future. So, learning how to choose wisely is not a small thing. In fact, it’s an art. What will I choose today that will make my life better for myself and others?

3. I Stop arguing with reality and accept what is. 

Much of our suffering arises from resisting the inevitable. Life unfolds with its own set of circumstances and events, many of which are beyond our control. Instead of fighting against these natural occurrences, we can find peace and resilience in accepting them.

4. I fall seven times and stand up eight.

This Japanese proverb is the motto of the truly successful. Keep on keeping on. Persist. Take the next step. Seize the day. Learn how to fall with grace and get up with a spring in your step. Our essential human fiber is resilience.

5. I am kind unto others as I would like them to be kind unto me. 

This is my re-working of the golden rule. We all want others to be kind to us, but we often forget that kindness begins with me. Of course, the wisest of all these sayings is probably also the hardest.

When I started to research this, I realized that so many sayings that I learned when growing up actually did make a big difference. They have guided my actions and choices throughout my life.

I have studied wise sayings my whole life. But perhaps I really only need to work on these five!

You could even sum up these five sayings as a kind of mantra to repeat to yourself throughout the day:

I am aware. I choose wisely. 
I accept what is. I persist. I am kind. 

Powerful ideas like this tend to work on us subconsciously. Ultimately, we become what we think about most of the time. It follows that if we are thinking wise thoughts, wisdom just might rub off on us.

What is a wise saying that you try to live by and that has guided you in your life? 

Cheers, Robert


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