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The More Clients Club Membership

Want more clients? We can help!

Everything You Need in One Place to Attract More Clients.

You’re a self-employed professional.

And you want to attract more clients.

But you don’t know what to do or where to start.

And you’re probably confused and overwhelmed by all the marketing information out there.

You’re looking for marketing approaches that actually work but aren’t full of hype.

Hi, I’m Robert Middleton and for more than 30 years I’ve been helping self-employed people become better marketers of their professional services.

I’ve proven that you can market your professional services with integrity and dignity and not resort to the ridiculous marketing hype and nonsense we all see online these days.

In 2009 I launched the More Clients Club to help you become a better marketer of your professional services.

The Club contained eleven in-depth courses, more than 60 expert interviews and a ton of marketing resources all geared to teaching you a very workable approach to attracting new clients.

And over the years we’ve had thousands of members in the Club with lots of success in helping them grow their professional service businesses.

But now, ten years later, I realized something else was needed.

The downside of online programs is that very few people complete them. They get distracted by the 1,001 other things online.

What people need more than ever before is focus, direction, and support to help them implement what they learn.

After all, knowledge is useless unless you apply it, right?

And that’s the issue. Too much information, not enough implementation. 

dollar advertising

So I changed the More Clients Club to help you implement what you learn.

Unlike the majority of online programs where you study completely on your own, the Club is now all about supporting you in moving your marketing forward step-by-step.

At the heart of the Club is a live marketing support course called The Marketing Action Program (MAP).

I facilitate this program twice a month for all Club members.

Instead of being on your own, working through the Club materials, this new program supports you in the following ways:

1. We meet twice a month via Zoom video for the live, interactive program sessions

2. You learn how to create step-by-step marketing action plans to achieve your marketing goals

3. When you’re ready to learn a specific marketing skill or strategy, I point you to the most appropriate courses and materials in the Club (more on that below)

4. After each session, you commit to taking specific actions that week to move your marketing forward

5. And then we provide you with some powerful tools to keep your plans in action and on track

As a result, participants start to get marketing results much faster – more connections with prospects, more meetings, and more closed business.

One of the great things about this approach is that no matter where you are in your marketing, you can get the support, coaching, and direction you need to move forward with confidence.

This is the biggest issue because that’s what’s missing with every other online program.

There’s a TON of great information out there, but very little support in helping you implement what you learn.

And even if you do attend a live course or program, after it’s over the motivation tend to fades.

You know how it is…

You learn a lot of great things and get excited and start to implement what you know.

But then you hit a speed bump and get stopped in your tracks.

You’re not sure what to do next, you get discouraged, and perhaps you give up.

So I wanted to offer a program that was very different.

I wanted to create a program where the participants took action.

Instead of overwhelming you with information, you get the direction and support you need.


The Marketing Action Program doesn’t end. It’s always there for you – with the twice-monthly live sessions.

The twice-monthly live MAP sessions help you get focused, answer your questions, help with your planning, and make commitments to take action.

And then I hold you accountable for doing what you said you’d do.

Currently, the Marketing Action Program sessions are on Wednesdays at 12 noon Pacific.

All sessions are recorded, so if you miss some, you can always listen/watch later.

Now, here’s something else I did which is kinda crazy:

I decided to make the Club and the Marketing Action Program ridiculously affordable.

Other programs out there with equivalent content can cost anywhere between $375 and $2,000.

I know, because I’ve signed up for such programs myself.

Instead, the Club has a monthly membership fee that covers everything – all the courses and resources in the Club plus the twice-monthly Marketing Action Program.

And that monthly fee is $9.

Not a typo. Nine dollars per month.

Or you can pay $24 per quarter or $84 per year.

Look, I wanted to make this so accessible and affordable to any self-employed professional that nothing would stop them from participating.

But the low price doesn’t mean low quality. With your Club membership, you’re getting more than $10,000 worth of programs and resources, with marketing approaches proven to help you attract more clients.

And now, with the twice-monthly live coaching calls, you’re getting even more value.

I wanted it to be a deal you could feel great about.

information online

What do you need to succeed in the Club and start attracting more of your ideal clients?

Very simple:

√ Join and start attending the twice-monthly sessions

√ Study my systems and templates for various marketing strategies

√ Use my proven step-by-step, unique marketing planning system

√ Turn marketing into a habit by declaring your goals and actions

√ Use the action reminder system to be accountable and stay on track.

Can you invest $9 and a few hours per month to vastly improve your marketing effectiveness?

That’s what it takes, plus commitment on your part to learn and take action.

It’s very simple really. Put those sessions on your calendar, follow instructions, and reap the rewards.

Let me also give you a quick overview of the things that are covered in the Club courses and resources. 

You’ll be studying much of this in the MAP sessions or you can dip into the material anytime you want.

• How marketing works for self-employed professionals and how to turn marketing into a game you can win

• How to craft an attention-getting marketing message that gets your prospective clients to respond

• How to identify your ideal clients and the most effective ways to approach them

• How to speak the language of marketing so that you get attention, interest, and response

• How to create compelling marketing materials that powerfully communicate your value

• How to choose the best marketing strategies that fit your personality style

• How to develop and implement a step-by-step marketing action plan

• How to set up appointments with qualified prospects to explore how your services can benefit them

• How do write a proposal that increases the chances you’ll land the client

• How to conduct a selling conversation that converts a high percentage of prospects into paying clients

Jerry Vierra

And a big part of the Club goes into great depth on the most effective marketing strategies for self-employed professionals. 

• Networking – how to get known, liked and trusted by your ideal clients

• Speaking – how to get in front of the right audiences full of prospective clients

• Direct Outreach – how to connect with your ideal clients with simple emails that get responses

• Content Marketing – how to develop content for your website to increase your credibility

• Website Development – how to write the content of every major page on your website

Plus the Club includes a ton of valuable resources to help you with your marketing:

• PDF copies of my two marketing books – The InfoGuru Manual and Marketing Ball

• A PDF copy of my book, The Unstuck Process, to help you get your marketing unstuck

• Samples of various marketing materials – articles, proposals, emails, websites and more

• List of the very best books with the most practical, hands-on marketing ideas (and that are fun to read)

• In-depth reports on various areas of marketing with very specific how-tos

• The best marketing services and tools available online

And there are more than 60 recorded expert interviews with complete transcripts. Here are some of the best ones:

Alan Weiss – The Secrets of Value Pricing

Patrick Summar – Secrets to Growing a $250K Coaching Business

Jerry Vierra – Secrets to Attracting More of Your Right Clients

Ann Convery – Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less

Christian Mickelson – Free Sessions That Sell

Jill Konrath – Selling to Big Companies

Duncan MacPherson – Breakthroughs with Referrals

Daphne Gray Grant – How to Make Your Writing Faster and Easier

Dan Grandstaff – Marketing Your Services with Presentations

Vrinda Normand – Irresistible Copywriting

Linda Puig – How to Make Money with Your eZine

Here’s what some members have said about the Club:

“I bought several of your programs through the years and joined your More Client Club in February 2011, putting in many hours of study and application. What are the results? My Built for Results Program and my marketing work. My income doubled two years ago, and again the year after, and at the start of this year my target for this year is another doubling. “

       Albert van Niekerk

“I have implemented many improvements in my corporation since joining the More Clients Club. Specifically, an increase in sales contacts which have led to more clients. The biggest impact the Club has made for me is instilling confidence. I’ve learned that it’s OK to be nervous, but to go ahead and do it anyway!”

– Peggy Johnson

“Before I signed up for your Club, I was trying to get the courage up to raise the prices of my services from $1400 to $1900. But after listening to your recent series on high-value, high-priced packages in the Club, I now command $7,100 or more per client! I’m just coming off my two best months ever, at $24K and 26K respectively! Not bad, coming from the $17K I made all year three years ago!” 

           – Tammy Kabell

“Even though I was an experienced business professional of over 30 years, and ran companies that had million dollar advertising and marketing budgets I had no idea how to market just me! The More Clients Club which I joined just nine months ago, with all of its wonderful features and benefits fixed all that. 

“I started this year off using the tools and processes outlined in the Club and have landed three significant consulting engagements in the first two months equaling the entire total from last year.” 

– Wayne Breitbart

And all those testimonials are from when the Club was only an online self-study program! With the new live MAP program, members are going into action more quickly and getting results much faster.

“Almost immediately after the first MAP session, I identified a prospective client, reached out to them, got an appointment and turned them into a paying client. You’re right Robert, this stuff works!”

– Marsha Wentworth

Is the More Clients Club for you?

First, you should be a self-employed professional such as a management consultant, business coach, corporate trainer, financial planner, marketing or employment professional, health practitioner, etc.

The Club may be for you if you’re ready to really get serious about your marketing and are able to take direction and coaching.

The Club is ideal for self-employed professionals who have tried many things to market themselves in the past but have struggled because of the lack of support, coaching, and feedback

The way the Club works is that you can stay in the Club for as long as you want and leave whenever you like. That might be a month or two or for a few years.

But try the Club for a month. If you don’t feel it’s for you, just let me know and I’ll refund your first month’s fee.

Jerry Vierra

The Club might not be for you if:

• Your business is primarily about marketing products and services online

• You want everything handed to you with no effort on your part

• You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

• You’re not committed to a high level of excellence and professionalism

• Making money is more important than making a difference to your clients

• You just want to get a few clients until you can get a full-time job

If you’re ready, I invite you to join the Club here:


Click here to join  – $9/mo

also available for $24/quarter or $84/year

Just choose the length of your membership and select your
Credit Card or PayPal as your payment method.

Albert van Niekerk


Some other stuff you may have questions about

Q. How does Club membership work exactly?

A. Well, when you join the Club, you get access to all the programs, courses books recordings posted in the Club online. Your membership is password protected. You are automatically charged through our secure system each month, quarter or year, depending on your membership.

Q. There seems to be an awful lot of material in the club. Won’t I get overwhelmed?

A. Not if you participate in the live Marketing Action Program or listen to the recorded session. Just start at the beginning of the program and you’ll be guided to putting your marketing into action.

Q. What if I get tired, worn out, bored with the Club?

A. At some point, that may happen. If you are not using it, you can keep your subscription alive and just check in once in a while to study something. Since the monthly fee is only $9, it won’t drain your bank account. Or whenever you feel you’ve had it with my stuff, you can ask to leave and I’ll stop your Club membership. No problemo.

Q. Will you be adding stuff to the Club?

A. Yes, but I just don’t know what exactly it will be. I’m always studying, learning, trying out new stuff. And I hope to interview some more people. But I will be staying in regular touch with Club Members.

Q. Can you answer individual questions or work with me personally on my marketing? 

A. Right now, questions other than handling Club problems will be answered through the MAP session or the Club Forum. If you’re involved in the MAP sessions and want some individual coaching, we can set up a private session.

Ann Convery
Robert Middleton

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