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The Three Keys To Getting More Response3 Min Read

The Three Keys to Getting More Response3 min read


I always emphasize to my clients that the most reliable method of determining the effectiveness of a marketing strategy or approach is through one thing and one thing only: RESPONSE.

If your strategy generates a positive response, it’s working.

This principle applies to any marketing activity.

For example, when you attend networking events, and people ask about your work, does your answer elicit a positive response?

A positive response might be, “Oh, that’s interesting, tell me more,” or “How do you do that?” or even “Do you have a business card?”

These responses demonstrate a genuine interest in what you’ve said.

As you engage in networking, it’s essential to identify what elicits positive responses. Your goal should be to refine your message to generate an increasing number of positive reactions.

It’s a simple but powerful concept, isn’t it?

By increasing the positive responses to your message, you also enhance the likelihood that some of those who respond could become clients for your professional services.

Now, let’s discuss another strategy I’ve employed for years during live talks or presentations.

Towards the end of the talk, I usually say something along these lines:

“Thank you all for attending this presentation. I hope you found some value that you can apply to your business. I’ve prepared a report summarizing the most important ideas covered today.” (Hold up the report for everyone to see.)

“Who would like a copy?” (Wait for people to raise their hands.)

“Fantastic! Please take out your business cards and pass them forward, and I’ll make sure each of you receives a copy of the report.”

Using this simple strategy, I’ve collected thousands of business cards over the years.

When people willingly offer their business cards, expressing their desire for more information from you, that’s undoubtedly a positive response.

And that’s precisely what you want, isn’t it?

It’s important to remember that obtaining positive responses from prospective clients is only the first step in the process.

You need to develop a follow-up strategy to initiate conversations and ultimately convert those prospects into new clients.

However, securing a positive response to your marketing efforts is your primary and most important goal.

In my experience of working with thousands of self-employed professionals, succeeding at getting responses can be as challenging as rocket science.

But, just like rocket science, it’s based on certain immutable principles.

There are only three you need to think about:

1. People respond favorably when presented with two main things: opportunities to gain perceived benefits and solutions to perceived pains.

2. A positive response indicates some level of interest in your idea or proposition.

3. When people genuinely express interest in something, they almost always seek more information about it.

That’s it. To effectively attract clients, you simply need to operationalize these three simple yet powerful principles:

1. Communicate an idea related to your work that clearly presents a benefit or solution to a problem.

2. Present that idea in a way that allows others to express their interest.

3. Once they show interest, offer to provide more information on how they can fully capitalize on that idea or proposition.

All successful marketing and advertising strategies are built upon these three principles.

Whether you’re General Motors trying to sell cars or an independent professional aiming to attract clients, these three principles apply.

Now that you have the essential building blocks, it’s time to figure out how to make them work for you.

Cheers, Robert


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