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Why Don’t You Have A Newsletter?2 Min Read

Why Don’t You Have a Newsletter?2 min read


In speaking to my Getting Out There Group last week, I told them that next month we would be working on creating an email newsletter for their business.

As much as I talk about Proactive Marketing – I.e., getting out there, making connections, and having conversations, my most powerful marketing tool for 25 years is this little weekly email newsletter.

How powerful?

Well, my guess is that 90% of my clients come from my newsletter subscribers. Maybe more, as most of my referrals also come from newsletter subscribers.

So, let me give you a quick low-down on the power of a newsletter.

A Newsletter…

– Keeps you thinking and working at expressing your ideas.

– Gives you inspiration for solving client challenges.

– Keeps you in front of your ideal audience every week (or two).

– Permits you to promote programs and services to your subscribers.

– Can be written, formatted, and sent in about two hours.

– Is virtually free to send out. Well, a few dollars a month.

– Takes virtually no design chops. Formatting is easy.

– And believe it or not, for me, it’s really fun to write.

So, what do you need if you want to do a Newsletter?

– You really need to be passionate about your business.

– You need to be tuned into the interests and challenges of your audience.

– You need to be willing to write imperfectly – forever!

– You need to have a network of people to invite to join your list.

– You need to be willing to start small. I started with fifty subscribers 25 years ago.

– You need an email management program. I recommend AWeber.

– You need a graphic service (optional) I use

– You need to start with a list of possible topics to write about.

– Use need to understand ChatGPT to help with ideas and editing.

Action Plan for getting your Newsletter started.

– Think about what you want to write about and what format and style you want to use.

– Look at a lot of other email newsletters and emulate what you like and tend to read yourself.

– Plan to write articles that are 500 words or less.

– Write interesting, how-to subject lines.

– Keep your writing punchy with short sentences and paragraphs.

– Start with a story from your own experience, perhaps with a client.

– Ask everyone you meet to join your list.

– Offer a freebie such as a free report to join your list.

– Put a sign-up form on your website to attract new subscribers.

– Set a launch date and go for it!

– Have fun with it. You’ll get better and better with it over time!

– And be patient, it can take time for your newsletter to get results for you.

Hope you found this useful. It you have any questions about email newsletters, please let me know!

Cheers, Robert

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