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Fearlessness Is About Being, Not Doing3 Min Read

Fearlessness is About Being, Not Doing3 min read


When we think about fearlessness and about fearless marketing, we think of things like courageous, bold action.

We think of taking risks, doing creative things and really swinging out there.

And all of that can be very inspiring.

But have you noticed that it usually doesn’t last very long?

For one, it can be exhausting.

But it can also trigger old fears in very short order.

For instance, you get inspired about connecting with people on LinkedIn and you formulate a plan to make 20 connections per day.

You jump in with great enthusiasm and start making connections, exchanging LinkedIn messages, and feeling you’re getting somewhere.

But then two or three days later not much is happening, nobody is asking you about your business and you feel like you’re stuck on another social media hamster wheel.

You start entertaining fearful thoughts like, “Why isn’t anyone interested in my business?” and “Why can’t I get any attention?”

And your bold, fearless plan goes down the drain.

And I maintain it’s because you confused fearlessness with doing stuff, not actually being fearless.

Being fearless is, well, a state of being. It’s a place you come from, a place without fear.

And when you’re coming from fearlessness, then fearless actions follow with very little struggle or effort.

So, how does one “come from fearlessness?”

That’s the big question, isn’t it!

Coming from fearlessness is more of a recognition than an action.

It’s the recognition that being without fear is essential to who we are.

It’s as normal and as natural as breathing.

It’s how we were all were born.

And we can literally come back to fearlessness with every breath.

Look, right now you are aware.

You are also here and now in this moment.

And you are without fear.

You can see this, recognize this.

Now, at the same time, you may have some fearful thoughts, fearful emotions, or fearful body sensations.

But those are not who you are. They don’t define you. They come and go.

So why put so much attention and energy on those fears? It just drains your life energy.

Doesn’t it make more sense to come back to who you are — aware, here, now, open and fearless?

Put your attention on what is essential to who you are.

I call this fearless practice, “Having A Moment.”

You’re not trying to do anything, manipulate anything, get into a certain state or adopt a certain attitude.

All of those are very limited, transitory, and impermanent.

But when you “Have A Moment,” you come back to what is essential, real, enduring and authentic.

Aware. Here. Now. Open. Fearless.

There are no limits and no boundaries to this perspective.

And then what?

Well, in the wake of this simple recognition of who you are, unlimited possibilities open up.

You are not boxed in by having to think, feel or act in any particular way.

You literally have the freedom to be.

You may even discover that a new quality permeates your connections on LinkedIn!

Give it a try this week.

Pause and “Have A Moment” and see what happens.

Cheers, Robert

P.S. This article may make more sense to you if you read it a few times!


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