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The Fearless Marketer. A New Focus.2 Min Read

The Fearless Marketer. A New Focus.2 min read


After 20 years of sending out my weekly, eZine, More Clients, I’m making a big change.

It’s still a weekly eZine about marketing your professional services, but with a new name and focus.

The focus will be on what I call Fearless Marketing.

But what exactly do I mean by that?

Fearlessness is not an attitude, a feeling, or an action.

Fearlessness is who you are.

You were born fearless, that is, without fears. You were born aware, here, now, and open to whatever came to you.

But as you grew older, stuff happened! You experienced setbacks, disappointments, and failure. And all of these were painful.

So, to protect yourself from the pain, you developed a fear response. When something reminded you of a past failure, you avoided that thing.

In marketing yourself, there are a lot of reminders like that. You approach someone and they may reject you. You put something out there and it gets very little response.

So instead of pressing ahead, it can become habitual to fall back and avoid doing those things that may lead to rejection or failure.

Nevertheless, you have a difference you want to make and you would like to be fearless.

But too often you feel fear, antipathy, and resignation about getting out there and communicating powerfully about your business.

Your marketing becomes safe and cautious, not wanting to offend anyone or risk disapproval.

The question is, “Is there a way beyond that fear to a place of fearlessness?”

Yes, there is. But it’s not what most people expect.

As I said, it’s not an attitude, a behavior, a habit or a strategy.

It’s a way of being.

It’s not something you need to strive to get to or accomplish.

Because it’s already who you are.

But because of our fear-filled minds, it can be hard to see the simplicity of that.

This is what I’ll be exploring in myriad ways in this weekly eZine.

But let me leave you with this perspective-altering question:

Without fear, what would be possible – in your life, in your business and in your marketing?

This week, do best to answer that question for yourself.

Cheers, Robert


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