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The Fearless Landing3 Min Read

The Fearless Landing3 min read


Imagine that you are the pilot of a cargo plane during wartime.

And you’re coming in to land your plane on the base’s runway.

But as you approach, on the runway you see burned-out tanks, overturned trucks and crashed fighter planes.

Obviously, the base has been attacked and because of all the debris on the runway, you can’t land your plane.

You hail the control tower and say, “What’s going on down there? There’s junk all over the runway; I can’t land!”

But you hear a chuckle from the person on the other line. “Hey, don’t sweat it; it’s safe. If you look a little closer you’ll see that all that junk has been painted on the runway. There are no actual tanks, trucks, or planes.”

Then you learn that the base had done these painting to confuse the enemy and to prevent them from landing on the runway.

And as soon as you understand this, your perspective shifts. Before you saw tanks, trucks, and planes. Now you see paintings.

And with that new perspective, any fear you had dissipates immediately and you land your plane without a problem.

Fearlessness is a perspective (not an attitude, mindset, or feeling).

It is seeing clearly what is (and what is not). And with a clear perspective, new possibilities open up that were not available with an illusory perspective.

All those tanks, trucks, and planes on the runway are your fearful thoughts and emotions.

They scare you away from taking action. They appear real and dangerous. You believe that if you take action to land your plane you’ll crash and be injured or killed.

But when you look more closely at those fearful thoughts and emotions, you’ll see them for what they really are – illusions, phantoms, mirages – nothing that can cause you harm.

They don’t have any power to injure you.

So, you don’t need to psych yourself up to face your fears.

You don’t need to adopt a fearless mindset and screw up your courage. You don’t need to cultivate a state of fearlessness.

You just need a shift in perspective.

You need to be aware of what actually is. You need to be here, now and open to whatever appears to you. And from that perspective, there is no fear.

It’s not a place that you need to get to with long and arduous work and struggle. You just need to have a moment where you remember who you are: Aware, here, now, open, fearless.

In marketing your businesses you face a number of activities that you may mistakenly judge to be difficult, scary, and dangerous.

You know, things like writing an email to a prospect, doing a presentation, following up on a lead, or asking a client to work with you. Terrifying stuff!!

But if you look more closely, you may notice that these activities are no more dangerous than tanks, trucks, and planes painted on a runway.

No, there are simply actions to take.

Yes, it may take some time to do these things well and effectively, but they are not inherently fear-inducing. They are things you can learn to do and ultimately apply to attract new clients to your business.

So, I invite you to shift your perspective.

Aware. Here. Now. Open. Fearless.

From this perspective, virtually anything is possible.

Where will you fly to next?

Cheers, Robert

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  1. Robert,

    LOVED this story! What a great example of how fears can seem so real yet they are often created by ourselves and others. Thanks for sharing – it has made a difference!


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