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Does Marketing Ever Get Easy?3 Min Read

Does Marketing Ever Get Easy?3 min read


The answer to this question is Yes and NO.

One way to talk about this is to compare marketing to getting fit. Right now I’m doing a daily strengthening routine.  

I use high-tension resistance bands instead of free weights. Every morning I do a series of eight simple (but strenuous) exercises that work the main muscle groups of my body.

And today I noticed that the exercises were getting a little too easy. So I added another band to increase the tension. And now the exercises feel about as hard as they did a month ago.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just keep exercising at the same level forever but keep getting stronger and stronger?

Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way.

And the principle is exactly the same with marketing.

Right now, I’m putting the members of my Marketing Mastery Program through the paces: more writing, developing and practicing messages, reaching out and making connections.

And although they’ve been in the program for only a month, it seems more like six months! Everyone is exercising marketing muscles that haven’t moved much in a long time.

A few months from now they will be doing more challenging things such as giving talks, setting up more selling conversations, writing their website content and more.

And these actions won’t seem as hard as the actions they’re taking now.

I have to be careful not to be too easy on them or their marketing muscles will begin to atrophy and they’ll find themselves avoiding marketing activities that are essential to their marketing growth.

One of the biggest struggles people have when they really get into marketing is how long things seem to take.

Writing articles or other marketing content can take hours and hours spread over several weeks. And the quality, for the most part, is just average.

At this point, many people just want to give up. “After all, what’s the use? This is just too damn hard!”

And then they hand someone an article they’ve written, and it really resonates with that person. A meeting follows and then there’s a more in-depth conversation.

And then, before they know it, they land a new client (at a higher rate than they’ve ever charged before).

And it hits just like the results of exercising hit me. “I’m getting stronger. I’m more flexible. My back doesn’t hurt as much.”

Sure there are ups and downs, but the progress is real. 

If you don’t have a plan and don’t take action you can expect your marketing results to be pretty much what they’ve always been. In fact, you’ll get weaker, not stronger.

But if you take your intention to grow your business and add a regular marketing routine, slowly but surely you’ll have solid evidence that marketing does in fact work.

Are you ready to take the first step? It’s often the biggest one.

Cheers, Robert


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