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Surviving The Dread Marketing Mistake3 Min Read

Surviving the Dread Marketing Mistake3 min read


When I got up yesterday morning and looked at my email, I realized I’d made a marketing mistake.

The night before I’d cued up my email to promote my new Next Level Marketing Courses when I looked at my email, there were very few signups.

“What happened?” I wondered.

And the answer came pretty quickly: “I overwhelmed my readers (that’s you, by the way) with much too much information in the sales letter about the Next Level Courses and not enough about the actual course coming up next week.”

So I immediately went into “Action Mode” and created a new web page just for the course descriptions and sent out a follow-up email a couple of hours later pointing to that page.

What would you have done?

I don’t know if this is an issue for you or not, but many Independent Professionals are caught in the following beliefs:

• Every promotion I do has to be perfect

• I can’t make a mistake; it will look unprofessional

• I’ll never admit I made a mistake

• People will never trust me again

Well, let me take a minute and refute all of those beliefs.

You can’t be perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist, never has and never will. You’ll make mistakes. Live with it. I told someone the other day that “I failed my way to success.” After all, we only learn from our mistakes, so don’t worry about making a lot of them.

You can and will make mistakes. And most people are more forgiving than you think. I get emails all the time about little mistakes I’ve made in this eZine/blog. Readers get to contribute, I get useful feedback; we all win. Ultimately I hired a proofer and editor for my articles and make fewer mistakes.

Hiding your mistakes only makes it worse. Inside you feel ashamed that you screwed up and that admitting it would only make things worse. I’ve found the opposite to be true. People appreciate honesty and vulnerability and self-deprecating humor. It makes you look human (which you are, by the way).

Mistakes don’t lead to mistrust. If you make a few mistakes in your marketing here and there, people will forgive you. They won’t forgive lies or other forms of deception, however. Pay more attention to integrity and the value you give to your clients than your occasional mistakes.

It’s Their Problem

And in the few cases where someone tries to bust your chops because you made a mistake? Well, that’s their problem, not yours. They are caught up in their own set of beliefs thinking you should always live up to their standards of perfection.

Why should that upset you? Get over yourself and get into action with that important project that has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of your clients – not to mention your bank balance.

Cheers, Robert


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