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What We’re All Missing Right Now3 Min Read

What We’re All Missing Right Now3 min read


Quick, what is something that you know better than anyone else, but take for granted? It’s a skill, an ability, something you are brilliant at but you fail to leverage. Are you drawing a blank?

This week, while driving home from my monthly trek to Costco, it hit me like a ton of bricks:

For 23 years, I’ve been writing my weekly email newsletter. Yes, this thing you’re reading right now. This little newsletter has been responsible for generating virtually all of my business for the past 20 plus years.

I’ve talked about it a lot. I’m very proud of it. But I’ve never developed a program teaching people exactly how to create, write, and profit from an email newsletter.

Yes, I’ve suggested to people in my programs that they launch one, but I’ve never actually taught the step-by-step process necessary to be successful with it by attracting a steady flow of new clients. 

No, I’ve taught how to develop marketing messages, how to write an Executive Summary, how to talk to people about what you do, how to write articles, give talks, create a proposal, and close a deal. But not how to market one’s professional services with an email newsletter.

So, I’m going to do that. Soon. Stay posted! 

As I was driving home from Costco I took three wrong turns because I was so preoccupied thinking about everything this program would include. There’s a LOT!

What valuable skill or talent do you take for granted?

What’s something you do really well that comes very naturally to you? It’s where your genius lies. But you rarely consult, coach, or train on this expertise of yours. It’s too close to you. It comes so easy to you that you think others are probably good at it as well.

This is your blind spot. 

You might want to poll your friends and associates: “What am I really brilliant at that you wish you were also good at? What impresses or even amazes you about a skill or ability that I possess that you’d like to have as well? Is there something exceptional about me that I don’t seem to notice but is obvious to you?”

You may be extraordinary at negotiating things. You could be a natural at diffusing tense situations. You might be a whiz at building planter boxes.

That last one isn’t out of left field. I drove past my new neighbors a couple of weeks ago to introduce myself. They were building these cool redwood planter boxes on stilts in their front yard. Perfect for people who have little yard space but who want to grow some fresh veggies.

Well, two weeks later, they had built 42 of these suckers and were selling them like hotcakes at $175 apiece! Not a bad haul for an unemployed construction worker and his girlfriend who sells CBD oil. They even bought a fancy new table saw and are upping their production.

Right now, during the pandemic, we have no idea when things will get back to normal. It will probably be a lot longer than we all want. But my neighbors didn’t wait. They came up with a cool idea and turned it into good money.

Back to that skill or ability you have that you’re taking for granted. It just might be the seed for a new program or service that could take off like gangbusters. It might be right in front of you but you don’t see it.

Wake up and discover what it is. 

A very wise person once taught me: “Look around for what is wanted and needed and go into action!”

That’s what we all need to be doing right now!

Cheers, Robert


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