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Are you ready to grow your professional service business?

This website is for successful, established consultants, coaches, trainers and other professional service businesses who are ready to take their business to the next level of success and contribution. They are ready to take marketing themselves seriously and attract more of their ideal clients.

Hi, I’m Robert Middleton,

I’m a marketing coach and consultant to independent professionals. I’m also a writer and speaker and lead programs on how to market professional services with less struggle and angst.

I’ve been around for a long time (since 1984) and have served thousands of self-employed people through my work. Tens of thousands of people read my More Clients ezine every week. In 2000 I wrote the marketing bestseller, The InfoGuru Marketing Manual, that launched the whole profession of marketing coaching for professional service businesses. 

My focus is on practical, doable steps that almost anyone can take to get more attention for – and response to – their work. And I put a lot of emphasis on getting out of one’s comfort zone and moving into the “Zone of Genius” where marketing becomes easy and amazingly effective.  

I value authenticity, simplicity, real value, making a difference, and going beyond one’s self-imposed limitations. I’ve helped thousands of independent professionals to tap into their genius to establish very successful businesses. 

My Purpose

At the heart of my work is a question to all of my clients: “What is the greatest contribution you can make to the world, and are you ready to do what’s necessary to get the word out?”

When clients are ready, we work together to develop a powerful marketing message and marketing materials, get in front of the right audiences, make connections, set up conversations, and convert prospects into great paying clients.

The clients I work with these days tend to be already established but are looking at how they can take their professional services businesses to a much higher level of success and contribution. 

I work with clients individually and in small group programs. 

My Writing

Since 1997 I’ve written a weekly article with ideas on how to attract more clients. I don’t just write about the newest marketing tips and techniques but take a more personal look at what it means to put yourself, your message, and professional services out into the world. And a big part of that is how you can get beyond your self-imposed limitations and powerfully communicate your value.

If you’d like to jump into my world, you can read these articles on my blog.

Or better yet, opt-in to get my weekly ezine and I’ll also send you my “truckload of free marketing stuff” Learn more here or opt-in below.

Your email privacy is important to me. I don’t sell or rent my list or send you spammy emails. 

I Deliver Real Results for My Clients

Here’s what some of my clients have said about the results I’ve helped them achieve:

“As a result of this one session, I was able to get three new clients in three weeks. And these are clients I know I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t used the ideas I learned from you. These clients will pay me a total of about $3,000 in the first month. That’s a 6 to 1 return on my investment for this just this session!”

– Mary Beth Shewan – Personal and Professional Coach

“In the time we’ve worked together, I’ve gone from not even having a logo or brochure to now getting more work than I can handle from prospects who call me. And all this while working on opposite sides of the country!”

– Brien Palmer – Brien Palmer Enterprises, Management Consultant

“Your marketing services were critical to our success in creating marketing strategies that worked for our firm. The Marketing Sessions provided a means to clarify our image. To make things even better, you were able to work very patiently with four individuals who all needed to agree and be pleased with the results.”

– Corrine Keller – Heritage Estate Services

“Robert helped me to craft a sales presentation which works 100% of the time. It’s incredible, but in the past four years, the only two searches which I have not won have been the two times when I deviated from Robert’s materials. That is a success record which is unmatched even by my own colleagues in my own firm.”

– Ann Peckenpaugh, Executive Recruiter

“Every time I work with you, miracles happen and my business seems to mushroom some more. I am busier than ever with clients and getting repeats now.”

– Patti Wilson – The Career Company, Career Counseling

“You have dramatically improved my effectiveness and productivity at attracting and selling new clients. You developed professionally printed materials for my use and also created a custom website for my practice. My base of clients is growing and I am receiving more referrals.”

– Colleen Boyd – Internal Navigation, Management Consulting

To learn more about how I can help you attract more clients, click on one of the links below and get a sense of the work I do and how I can help you grow your business. 

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