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Your Step-by-Step Marketing Action Plan3 Min Read

Your Step-by-Step Marketing Action Plan3 min read


Article #6 of the 12 Ps Series. Read #5 on Preparation – Another word for Learning.”

Since the words “Action and Plan” are in my business name, I obviously think planning is important!

Planning is defined as, “the process of making or carrying out plans.” And one definition of plan is, “a method for achieving an end.”

So, if you want to get marketing results, not a bad idea to have some plans!

When I’m planning a marketing strategy, I break my plans into two parts: the foundation and action steps.

The foundation is clarifying what I want to accomplish and the means I’ll use to accomplish it.

So, I simply answer the following questions

What is the service I’m offering?

What is my target market for this service?

What is my marketing goal?

What marketing strategy or strategies do I intend to use?

What marketing materials will I need? (i.e. online sales letter, email, etc.)

What resources will I need? (time, money, assistance)

Then I break it down into the action steps I need to take.

I create a chart with 4 columns:

Date, Action step, Communication materials, and Mindsets that might stop me.

The date is when I want to do this step.

The action step is anything and everything I need to do such as write an email to send to those on my list.

The communication materials are things like emails, web content, etc.

And the mindsets that might stop me are any thoughts that may get in my way, i.e., “I have no idea what to say in that damn email!”

The hardest parts of a plan are not the action steps, but the mindsets, beliefs, and thoughts that get in the way.

What can stop you from taking action?

Anything and everything!

In fact, most people stop by the first or second step in their plan.

The mindset that often stops them is, “I don’t know what to do or how to do it!”

And then it’s all over before you even get started.

Why? Because every action step, if you haven’t done them before, can seem overwhelming.

If you want to get meetings with prospective clients and networking contacts, here’s the plan I teach:

Assemble a list of everyone you know in business.

Write simple emails asking for meetings.

Get meetings and have conversations.

For those who are interested, set up a Strategy Session meeting.

Send them to read your Services Information Page (SIP)

Hold the Strategy Session with the prospective client.

Ask them if they think your service is right for them.

If so, quote your fee and close the deal!

So, that’s the plan, but I can hear you saying, “But how do I actually DO all those things?”

The good news is that all of these action steps are quite doable. And if you learn and practice them, you can get very successful at it.

If you master these steps, you can attract all the clients you need.

It’s not rocket science… but it can be hard work.

It takes time, patience, and resilience to both learn the skills necessary and to carry them out.

An action plan is just the first step.

The second step is to learn how to successfully implement each step of the plan above.

Do you want to be able to attract clients consistently?

Are you open to learning how to do what you need to do?

Are you willing to do the work required?

If so, I may be able to help you.

Just set up a time with me if you’d like to chat.

My specialty these days are self-employed B2B professionals over 50 or 60 who have a great service but their referrals have dried up.

And I have two spaces open.

Pick a 45-60 minute meeting and we’ll talk.

Cheers, Robert

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