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What’s The Next Pivot In Your Business?3 Min Read

What’s The Next Pivot in Your Business?3 min read


This Friday, I’ll be hosting my final “Going Radically Virtual Webinar.” I hope you can attend. (make your reservation here) My guest, Lisa Nirell, was one of the first people to go through my Marketing Certification Program in 2008 and has gone on to a distinguished career as a marketing consultant, author, and speaker.

Another of my clients, Larry Mandelberg, sent me this note today: “Lisa is a very sharp lady. I guess you’ve already figured that out by now and I suspect you and your listeners will enjoy hearing from her. Congrats on the booking.”

Yes, this will be my Final webinar. It’s time for me to pivot again.

I launched this webinar series to share ideas on how to survive and thrive during the pandemic. I believe I got my message across successfully and it’s time to move on. But it was a real blast!

Now I need to put my attention on my current Marketing Action Group Programs. I’m working with 25 incredible people, all B2B self-employed professionals, who need all the support and attention I can give them.

For me, the pivot two months ago was to be of greater service to everyone in my community.

But now, the pivot is to be of deeper service to my existing clients.

And I can now scale my emails down to once a week! 

What does it mean to pivot in your business?

It means that whatever you were doing before isn’t going to work anymore. It means changing your offerings, your technology, your mindset.

We’re all on Zoom now for client meetings and even training programs, but that may not be enough. The question is, are you discovering what your clients need the most right now?

You might make an educated guess and put something new together, but I’d recommend what my Client Amy Bingham is doing. Amy’s a consultant to the staffing industry and she told me, “I’m reaching out to all my past and current clients, not to sell them but to listen to them.

They’re going through a tough time right now and they need someone who really understands. And luckily, without really trying, some of those conversations are turning into new projects.”

Pivoting in your business right now is all about listening, relationships, and service. 

Listening is the New Selling

People are really getting that these days. But the funny thing is, selling has always been about listening. I don’t convince people to sign up for my programs. I talk to them and really listen and together we discover if my program is right for them or not. No pressure or hype required.

In Business, Relationships are Everything

For me, my business has never been about making money. It’s been about making a difference. And when I go the extra mile to make a difference, I also happen to do well financially. But the juice, the energy, the joy is in helping my clients succeed.

I hope this is true for you as well. If not, this might be an extra tough time for you.

The Pivot is Always to Greater Service

However you serve your clients right now, whether it’s offering a series of free webinars or being extra mindful  about the quality of the paid services you’re offering, one thing is certain:

“The best way to find yourself is in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

Cheers, Robert

P.S. You also may enjoy this article on Forbes about how three small businesses are pivoting during the pandemic.


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