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What Are Your Greatest Passions?3 Min Read

What are Your Greatest Passions?3 min read


What are you really passionate about? I mean excited about, turned on by, fascinated with? Do you know?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the 10 Ps of Success and Fulfillment (now expanded to 12 Ps) and in presenting this model to my current marketing group, I saw there was a lot more room to explore these ideas.

So, once a week for the next three months, I’ll be exploring these 12 Ps with you, one at a time.

The first P is Passion and it’s a doozy.

Why? Because your passions in life shape your experiences in life.

You could put any of your passions on a scale, from 1 (almost no passion) to 10 (an abundance of passion).

The higher the number, the stronger the passion.

You didn’t choose your passions. They chose you as a result of life experiences, your parents, education, friends, and blind luck.

Why am I passionate about jazz, sci-fi, marketing, coaching, writing, and transformation?

No idea, except that I crossed paths with all of these things in my life and they caught on with me.

Look, everybody knows about Star Trek, but not everybody has watched every episode of 10 of the 12 different Star Trek series (I skipped the two animated ones). Plus, all the movies!

So, we have our passions and we have them to whatever degree we have them.

And some of your passions probably help you in your business, right?

My passions for marketing, teaching, writing, research, and organizing have helped me immeasurably in my career.

You can’t choose your passions, but you can FEED your passions.

How do you do that?

Well, you start by dabbling in them and then you immerse yourself in them. You spend a lot of time with them.

And you know it’s really a passion when that time is mostly fun and enjoyable (but often challenging).

Ultimately, you become a master of your passions.

To magnify your passions, read about them, watch movies about them, take courses on them, teach them, write about them, and think about them all the time.

A passion has no ceiling, no limits.

So, since this is a business and marketing newsletter/blog, what are your passions in those areas?

There are no right answers here. Simply identify them for yourself.

Heck, take a sec and write them down right now before you do anything else! (I also have a passion for taking action!)

And then ask yourself a simple question, “What can I do to feed and nurture those passions?”

Don’t overthink it. Perhaps it means catching up on your Star Trek shows or writing a book about Leadership in a Virtual Age.

When you nurture your passions, you automatically have a much richer and more fulfilling life.

By the way, if you are thinking, “I don’t really have a passion,” or “I haven’t found my true passion yet,” that is never true. You have judged your passions as not the right ones. So, stop judging them and start nurturing them!

Dig a little deeper here: Living a Life of Passion

In the next 12 weeks, I’ll explore the other 12 Ps: Purpose, Picturing, Presence, Preparation, Planning, Practice, Performance, Persistence, Patience, Peace, and Pride.

And next week, I’ll talk about how to channel your Passions through the primary Purpose of your business.

Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Robert

Bonus: The Best Movies About Passion from Psychology Today

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