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Free Training: My Proven System

for Attracting More High-End Clients

And I’d like you to be my guest!

When: Friday, January 14,
Time: 12 noon Pacific, 1MT, 2CT, 3ET, 8UK, 9EU (75 Minuites)

Reserve your space by filling in the form below:

What you’ll learn in the training on my Client Attraction System:

1. Creating an H.E.O.B. Program (High-End, Outcome-Based). Services or Programs that offer a complete solution are the key to client success and also earning a higher income.

2. Developing Powerful Marketing Materials. How to clearly communicate the true value of your services and programs.

3. How to get in front of more qualified prospective clients. How to use simple emails to get more meetings that lead to new clients.

4. Giving prospective clients a taste or experience of your service or program. The most important elements of a powerful but simple presentation.

5. How to convert prospective clients into paying clients. You don’t need manipulation or pressure to close new business.

This training covers my complete step-by-step system for attracting high-end clients that I’ve perfected over 30 years with hundreds of clients.

If you are committed to making a real, lasting difference with your clients and making the process of attracting clients easier and more successful, this training may be for you.

Make your reservation with the form above.

Cheers, Robert

P.S. I have only 100 spaces in this training, so reserve your space now.

P.P.S. Note, this training will also serve as a low-key intro to my next Marketing Action Group program.

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