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Experiencing and Expressing
Expansive Qualities

Below is a video of a session of a process I’m calling “Expandria.”


It’s a process of experiencing and expressing expansive qualities in your life. In the video, I explain the process and then demonstrate it with several people. 

The process is both simple and powerful:

1. Articulate a quality you’d like to experience and express more in your life, such as curiosity, generosity, resilience, patience, courage, etc. 

Here’s a page you can download with a list of 26 qualities you can draw from.

2. Connect that quality to an action(s) you can take to express that quality in your life. 

3. Develop a way to remind yourself of that quality and that action throughout the day.

4. Use this ChatGPT prompt below to help you articulate your quality and how you will make it real in your life. This is demonstrated near the end of the video above.

Here is the Expandria prompt. Copy and paste the following prompt into ChatGPT:

“Upon entering an expansive quality below, generate three things: 1. Expand on that quality in a few sentences. 2. List one thing you could do in your life right now to express that quality. 3. List one thing you could do in your life that would extend that quality to others. 4. List one thing that would help remind you of that quality throughout the day.
The quality is: (choose one quality)”

Chat GPT will generate your Expandria plan in a few seconds!

I hope you find this useful!


Robert Middleton

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