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It’s Time to Market Outrageously! – The Webinar


Here’s the recording of the Marketing Outrageously Webinar on how to attract clients during these challenging times plus ideas and strategies I’ve been teaching my clients for the past 13 years to attract more high-end clients with programs and services that really make a difference with my “HEOB Concept” – High-End Outcome-Based programs and services. 

In the webinar, the information about the Marketing Action Group starts at 37:21. The information on the pricing for the program, the guarantee, and the offer for the free month starts at 47:30.

Once you’ve watched the video, if you would like to explore whether or not the Marketing Action Group is right for you, please schedule a “30 Minute Decision Meeting” with me at this link:

This is the second meeting selection you’ll see in my booking app. Just pick any open time on my calendar. I have many spaces open next week.

Then, once I get your booking, I’ll send you a few questions to learn more about your business.

For the first 20 who set up a meeting with me, I’ll send you a hard copy of my book, The Unstuck Process.

I look forward to meeting with you and exploring whether the Marketing Action Group is right for you.

Cheers, Robert

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