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This webinar goes into some of the most important ideas you need to attract more of your high-end clients during the pandemic while working virtually. 

The fee for this webinar recording is a nominal $5 fee. The reason I charge for this is that I’ve found when I give free access to my webinar recordings, nobody listens to them!

And, it’s guaranteed. In fact, I promise that the webinar is worth a minimum of 20 times what you paid for it. If you don’t think it’s worth $100 or more, just let me know and I’ll refund you, no questions asked. 

Just link here: and you’ll be taken to a shopping cart where you’ll pay $5 and then you’ll be redirected to the page where the webinar video recording is posted.

Again, just link here and you’re good to go!

More about the webinar

Are you leveraging your BEST IDEAS to attract more of your ideal, high-end clients? I’ll bet you’re not. 

Your BEST IDEAS are strategies, processes, or approaches that produce consistently powerful outcomes for your clients. 

In this virtual webinar you’ll learn the following: 

1. How to turn your BEST IDEA into powerful H.E.O.B. (High-End, Outcome-based) consulting, coaching, or training programs or services. 

2. The BEST WAY to promote your H.E.O.B. programs or services to those who are looking for powerful outcomes and results (and do it virtually).

3. The BEST APPROACH to convert interest in your program into paying clients ready and excited to work with you.  

Look, this takes work. It takes commitment. And it takes courage. But this marketing approach is surprisingly simple. 

I slaved away for the first 15 years of my business, just getting by, because I didn’t know how to leverage my BEST IDEAS and turn them into services and programs that earned me a great income. 

Why is attracting great clients at high fees such a challenge?

It’s because we wait for clients to tell us what they need, instead of offering services and programs that deliver the outcomes that they truly want. 

When we deeply understand that, everything changes. Often dramatically. 

This webinar is also an introduction to my upcoming Marketing Action Group Program starting in September. The program is almost full, but we have a few spaces open. 

Cheers, Robert



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