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My Final Mid-Summer Virtual Webinar

Friday, August 7
At Noon Pacific (1Mntn, 2Cntrl, 3Estrn, 8UK, 9EU)
75 mins. (more or less)

By Zoom Video

Reserve Your Space Here:

If you do not see the sign-up form above, just send me an email at and I’ll sign you up myself!

Every Self-Employed Entrepreneur has a BEST IDEA. But not all of them leverage that idea to attract great, HIGH-END clients.

Your BEST IDEA is a strategy, process, or approach that produces consistently powerful outcomes for your clients. 

In this virtual webinar, you’ll learn the following:

1. How to turn your BEST IDEA into a powerful HEOB (High-End, Outcome-based) consulting, coaching, or training program or service. 

2. The BEST WAYS to promote that HEOB program or service to those who are looking for powerful outcomes and results (and do it virtually).

3. The BEST APPROACH to convert interest in your program into paying clients ready and excited to work with you.  

If you can do that, your business will be on an upward trajectory, attracting great clients and earning great money. 

I have cracked the code on this. I do it for my own business and for my clients’ businesses every single day. It takes know-how and the willingness to follow a plan and a process. 

On Friday, I’ll share everything I can with you on this Webinar. 

This webinar is also an introduction to my upcoming Marketing Action Group Program in September. But attend whether or not my program is right for you.  

And I’m pretty sure this will be my final webinar in this mid-summer marketing webinar series. 

Join the more than 350 people who have signed up for this hands-on marketing series so far. Or, feel free to attend again. I keep adding more content and details to help you understand how to make this work for your business.  

Make a reservation now and I’ll see you there!

Just add your name and email address to the form above and click “SUBMIT”

Cheers, Robert

P.S. There will be a video recording of this webinar for the nominal fee of $5 if you are not able to attend. Attend live for free.

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