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Want To Play The No-Blame Game?2 Min Read

Want to Play the No-Blame Game?2 min read


Have you noticed that there’s a whole lot of blame going around these days?

People blaming other people, blaming companies, blaming politicians, blaming celebrities, blaming strangers, blaming anything and everything.

Well, I have a little personal project called the No-Blame Game.

Its aim is simple. “I will do my best every day not to blame.”

Why? Because it seems to me that blame is the starting point of most unhappiness, discontent, fear, and anger in our lives and in the world.

As humans, it seems to be in our nature to blame. And blame often leads to suffering, not to mention intolerance, hate, and violence.

Look at the horrific shooting in Buffalo on Saturday. It all started with blame and hate in one person’s heart and mind, learned from others who blamed and hated in the past.

And then, of course, we blame and hate this person and those he represents.

But how can more blame and hate lead to anything positive? 

Well, it can’t, obviously.

Look, I know the subject of blaming and hate is very complex, charged, and emotional.

However, the one simple thing I noticed is that when I play the No-Blame Game, new possibilities open up for me.

I can do something productive or creative.

I can enjoy and appreciate my family.

I can have great conversations with my clients.

I can clean up the mess in the kitchen.

I can solve difficult, challenging problems.

I can make a difference.

But it’s really hard to do any of those things if I am blaming.

Now, as simple as this may sound, this is also really, really hard, right?

It takes some awareness, some work, and a lot of persistence to not indulge in blaming.

So, this is a one-moment-at-a-time kind of project. 

My intention for this article is simple: To take a stand to do my best every day not to blame.

I think only when we become aware of blaming and realize its tremendous cost, can we start to turn away from it.

If you’d like to attempt to play the No-Blame Game with me, great. 

If not, I wish you well. And I won’t blame you!

Cheers, Robert

P.S. Please feel free to share this article with anyone you think might appreciate it!


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