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Want To Get Attention? Try A Cartoon!4 Min Read

Want to Get Attention? Try a Cartoon!4 min read


The first thing we want to get when it comes to attracting clients is:


If we don’t get the attention of our prospective clients (in one way or another) we’ll never get a meeting with them, let alone land them as a client.

– Getting attention is to marketing as bait is to fishing.

– Great fishermen are always searching for better bait.

So, there are lots and lots of things that can get the attention of prospective clients. Such as:

The right words that address a want or a need.

Design, graphics, and typography that stand out.

An offer so simple that your mother would get it.

Getting good at just those three things can take a lifetime to master.

But there’s another thing that’s a real attention-getter.

And easier. And faster. And free.

It’s used in marketing of all kinds, but not used nearly enough by self-employed professionals.



Just like Rover there with his drum, a cartoon will stop readers in their tracks, make them smile and engage them at a whole new level.

Cartoons don’t need to make a brilliant point. They just need to be funny in the context of your message.

And the best and easiest way to use cartoons in your client attraction endeavors?



No, not those kind of emails!

I’m talking about emails asking for a chat with someone.

Someone in your network, a past client, someone you want to interview, and yes, even a prospective client.

Simple, short, to-the-point emails… with a cartoon (one is enough) will usually do the trick.

When someone gets an email with a cartoon, the stuffiness, self-importance, and well, boriningness of the email gets turned on its head.

Your recipient thinks: “Here’s someone who has a sense of humor who doesn’t take himself too seriously.”

And instead of hitting “delete” in a nanosecond, they pause, smile, and consider responding (at a much higher rate than without a cartoon).

So, how exactly do you use cartoons in an outreach email?

Well, truth is, there are a LOT of ways, but here’s one simple approach.

1. You write a personalized email message to one person. This is not a mass email technique.

2. Start with a greeting that references something you have in common, such as a past project you worked on.

3. Insert a cartoon that gives a sense of that project or situation.

4. Say you’d like to catch up and share some ideas.

5. Suggest some times you’re open and perhaps insert a calendar link.

And that’s it. You’re done.

OK, so here’s what it might look like:

Hey Ralph, it’s been a long time since we connected in person. I think it was early in the pandemic.

Does that Zoom webinar we did together in March 2020 ring a bell?


I’d love to catch up with you and hear about the exciting things you’re up to and kick around a few ideas.

I’m open most afternoons after 3 pm. What works best for you?

Cheers, Robert

Look, wouldn’t you respond to this? How could you not?!

But wait, Robert, where do you find the cartoons?

I just met a great guy on LinkedIn named Robert Bostick with a company called HumorPoint.

And he created the World’s first Cartoon Database called “The Perfect Cartoon.” Yeah, free access.

You just put in a search term into TPC (I used “Zoom” for the above cartoon) and voila, you have 20 to 100 cartoons at your fingertips.

Just copy the one that’s right for you and insert it into your email.

You can usually find what you want in two or three minutes.

What about copyright?

Look, when you are just sending one email at a time with one cartoon, not a problem.

If you want to use a cartoon for a zillion emails, you may need to pay a licensing fee.

Whose attention do you want to get right now?

1. Think of that person.

2. Think of your connection to them.

3. Picture what you’d like to meet about.

4. Write the email.

5. Find a cartoon (in the Perfect Cartoon) and insert it.

6. Press send!

Then wait with bated breath by your computer until they respond.

No, just kidding. Give ‘em a day or two. You may be surprised at the favorable responses you get.

Try it and tell me what happens. Seriously. 

Cheers, Robert

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