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The Secret To Winning The Marketing Game2 Min Read

The Secret to Winning the Marketing Game2 min read


Marketing is a game. And the whole point of a game is to make something more important than something else.

What we make important in the marketing game is attracting great clients, earning good money, and making a difference.

There are two important secrets to winning this game.

The problem is that we spend way, way too much time and energy on secret #1, (which really isn’t a secret at all).

And that is working hard at winning the game. You know, making it a priority, studying, practicing, and implementing certain marketing activities over and over again.

We all understand this; we all do our best at this. But why is marketing as a self-employed professional often such a slog? Why does the work often feel so hard, so unrewarding, so frustrating?

We all want to win; we want to attract great clients and earn boatloads of money and receive our justly deserved rewards as a result of all this marketing work. Nevertheless…

What’s missing is Secret #2.

The second secret of the self-employment marketing game (or any other game for that matter) is to ENJOY playing the game.

And that’s often left out of the equation when all the focus is on WINNING the game.

You see, winning is all about the future, the rewards at the end of the game. But when that’s the focus, you miss the actual game.

You miss the playing of the game in the present. And when you do that, you don’t play the game very well or with much passion (even if you seem to be working very hard at it).

The more we ENJOY the game, the more we WIN the game.

And the secret to enjoying the game is to appreciate whatever happens in the game, no matter what it is. You can only play the game that is in front of you in the moment.

The game is not always easy and winning is never guaranteed, but when you stop resisting what is (especially the hard stuff) playing the marketing game is enormously rewarding and fun.

The time to start enjoying the game is NOW. Because it’s always now (always has been, always will be).

To summarize:
Marketing is a game. Play to win. And play to enjoy. And you’ll win more if you enjoy. And you can only enjoy in the now.

Now discover how to make this real for yourself.

Cheers, Robert

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  1. I totally agree that marketing is a game and that we need to play to win and we’ll win more if we enjoy. This will serve as a reminder to all not to forget to enjoy while playing the game of marketing. Thank you for sharing!

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