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The Magic Of Your Best Idea4 Min Read

The Magic of Your Best Idea4 min read


What is your BEST IDEA? Not just a good idea, a brilliant idea, or an idea that works.


Look, everyone has one. We can have dozens of brilliant ones and a ton of good ones. But you can only have one BEST IDEA. Because, well, it’s your best.

It might be an idea for how to get teams to work better together, or an idea to get a major initiative implemented in a company, or an idea about how to lead so that employees follow with enthusiasm.

So, you already do have a BEST IDEA. Now… someone else might have a better idea. But you can’t do anything about that right now.

You can only do something with your BEST IDEA.

It’s still your BEST IDEA, even if you learned it from someone else. It actually doesn’t need to be unique.

But how do you know what your BEST IDEA is?

It’s an idea that probably took some trial and error to get to. You tried other ideas, but this one works the best.

It’s an idea that produces kick-ass results for your clients most of the time (not ALL of the time – that’s magic)!

You love this idea and you really know how to make it sing and soar when you apply it to your clients’ challenges.

Look, you can have different BEST IDEAS in different domains. BEST IDEA for leadership. BEST IDEA for teams. BEST IDEA for marketing, etc.

But right now, zero in on your top, numero uno BEST IDEA.

And, guess what? That idea is your doorway to extraordinary success and fulfillment in your business and to making your clients ridiculously happy.

By the way, you can also use all your other brilliant and good ideas.

But your BEST IDEA can be the center of gravity of what you offer to your clients. Everything else revolves around that BEST IDEA.

You might have hit upon your BEST idea some time ago and implemented it in your business and with your clients.

But perhaps you got tired of it for some reason. And you stopped putting attention on it. You stopped leveraging it.

In many cases, you can go back to your BEST IDEA, resurrect it and present it in a new way and start getting results at whole new level.

OK, let’s say you’ve identified your BEST IDEA and you want to do something about it.

What do you do?

How do you leverage it?

And make big gobs of money with it?

Well, first you name it and message it.

That boring, generic name for your BEST IDEA isn’t going to move any mountains.

It needs to stand out and not sound like anything else. That’s what get’s attention and generates curiosity.

And then you need to identify the Ultimate Outcome that your BEST IDEA produces for your clients.

The truth is, clients buy Outcomes, not Ideas. 

Even if it’s your BEST IDEA, it needs to be attached to an actual, measurable, favorable, Ultimate Outcome that your clients would kill to get (figuratively, not literally).

Finally, you need to devise a simple and effective way to get your BEST IDEA in front of your Ideal Prospective Clients.

After all, if nobody but you knows your BEST IDEA, it really can’t move your business forward, can it? So you gotta communicate it clearly and powerfully.

With your BEST IDEA, leveraged correctly, you can…

> Get much more attention for your business.

> Get many more meetings with prospective clients.

> Charge a lot more for your services and programs.

> Close a lot more business with much less effort.

And, the crazy thing is, most self-employed professionals already have a BEST IDEA but just don’t know what to do with it.

> It’s not getting them much attention.

> It’s not getting them more meetings.

> It’s not commanding high fees.

> It’s not selling quickly or easily.

But one thing is for sure. If you haven’t identified your BEST IDEA and put it into action, it’s as good as having a pile of gold and nowhere to spend it.

Next, week, in my final webinar in the recent series (on Friday, August 7 at noon PT – mark your calendars now). I’ll be talking about your BEST IDEA and how to leverage it to take your business to new heights. 

So, as they say, “Stay Tuned!”

Cheers, Robert


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