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The Key To Effortless Marketing3 Min Read

The Key to Effortless Marketing3 min read


My favorite definition of effortless is “achieved with admirable ease.”

And wouldn’t it be cool if all your marketing could be (relatively) effortless?

What would that look like? Is it even possible? And is this just more marketing hype?

Well, let’s explore…

Effort is defined as “a vigorous and determined attempt.”

That doesn’t sound so bad, but the opposite of effortless is actually “struggle.”

And struggle is defined as “making forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.”

I’ve seen a LOT of clients go through exactly that.

They twist themselves into pretzel-like shapes to get past their resistance to effectively communicating about their professional services.

“OK, great, Robert, I get it. I’ve been there. So yeah, I’d love to make my marketing effortless. How?”

Well, first let’s define marketing for self-employed professionals:

“The act of clearly communicating the value of your services to your prospective clients.”

Value is the key word here.

Value is, “the importance, worth or usefulness of something.”

In other words, the value of your services is all the things your clients gain from working with you.

It’s not about the stuff you do.

It’s not about how you do it.

It’s not about the font on your website.

It’s not about cool graphics.

No, it’s explaining in crystal-clear language the bottom-line benefits your clients get from you.

Look, my benefit is very clear: “I help self-employed B2B professionals attract more of their ideal, high-end clients.”

And when that benefit (what I often call your Ultimate Outcome) becomes crystal clear, then your marketing becomes relatively effortless.


Well, you keep that benefit, that outcome, that idea, front-and-center with every single marketing communication you deliver.

Sometimes the format of that communication is simple, like an email sent to someone on your email list.

Or it might be complex like a multi-slide PowerPoint presentation.

In all cases, every word, every sentence, every slide, is pointed towards that simple, but powerful benefit or outcome you help your clients achieve.

You keep asking that question: “Does this word/sentence/slide say something that supports the message of the bottom-line value I offer to my clients?”

If not, take it out.

“But what if I’m not clear about this benefit/outcome/value that I offer to my clients?”

Then, I promise you that your marketing will become a real struggle!

But this really isn’t that hard.

Start by asking your current clients:

“Tell me, what is the primary benefit/outcome/value that you gain from my services?”

Ask a number of clients and you’ll start to hear some things you perhaps didn’t expect:

“You give us clarity about what really works to manage our people more effectively.”

“Your approach helps us get through all this complexity much more easily.”

“You provide insights about our financials that has helped us increase our profits.”

This may take some time, but once you hear from your clients what your value is, marketing becomes a whole lot easier.

It also helps you to become more confident, and more excited about what you are offering.

When you clearly understand the difference you are making to your clients, you are less hesitant about sharing it.

And then marketing is no longer this complex, convoluted process. It’s much less of a struggle.

It becomes as natural and as effortless as sharing with a good friend about a great movie you just saw.

Cheers, Robert


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