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The Incomparable Expert – Interview With Jason Leister2 Min Read

The Incomparable Expert – Interview With Jason Leister2 min read


Introducing a new monthly interview series with leading edge-business professionals. This has been in the works for some time.

It’s based on the premise that ultimately engaging in business and marketing is about BEING who you are.

I’ve spent the majority of my weekly writings on what to DO in your marketing. And that’s certainly important.

But who ARE YOU in all of that?

So, this monthly series will explore this topic in-depth, and I can’t imagine a better person to kick it off than Jason Leister.

I discovered Jason’s email newsletter about a year ago. And I noticed that every time I read it the molecules in my brain got rearranged!

Jason questions everything about what it means to be an independent professional out there sharing your work.

And in this interview, I explore Jason’s unique and expansive perspective.

Jason started his professional life as a classical pipe organist – for 27 years! He didn’t come to marketing and selling his professional services quickly or easily. He started the journey by reading my InfoGuru Marketing Manual about 20 years ago.

And this started the exploration of what his business would be and how he’d get the word out into the world.

He emerged with the articulation of a very powerful idea, relevant to every single Independent Professional: The Incomparable Expert. And in this interview, he digs deeply into exactly what this means.

I promise that you’ll find his discoveries mind-opening and exciting. What you won’t find is any hype. Jason isn’t selling anything, he’s presenting a new way to approach being a business person.

Cheers, Robert

P.S. BEING in business will be published on the first Tuesday of every month in place of the Fearless Marketer.

Robert Middleton Interviews Jason Leister on the concept of the Incomparable Expert

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Get Jason’s book, Incomparable Expert here (paperback and Kindle). This is a collection of 133 of Jason’s Daily Journal articles.

But only get these if you’re ready to also rearrange the molecules in your brain!

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  1. This is just what I needed so bad. I just got off a coaching call with a coach who offers great material but her way of doing things does not work for me and I slip into depressed city after trying to conform my outlook to thinking I need to go one hundred percent with a program that doesn’t fit for me.

    In addiction recovery there is a motto that says, “take what you need and leave the rest,” and that is what I need to do moving forward.

    I really needed to get my brain molecules back to being me and not trying to be something I just hate being. So thanks for opening a window into my dark day. Whew.

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