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The 6Ps Of Getting Out There5 Min Read

The 6Ps of Getting Out There5 min read


On Friday, I watched a great new movie on Netflix: Hustle, featuring Adam Sandler.

Not the goofy-type Adam Sandler movie, but an inspirational (and funny) masterpiece about getting out there and making it happen in the world of basketball. I highly recommend it!

This wonderful movie has jump-started a million ideas about… 

Getting Out There. Hustle. Making it Happen. Success. Life.

Whatever you call it, we all want more of it, right?

But what are the key components of all of those things? And can we enhance them?

The 6 Ps of Getting Out There and Making it Happen

Passion – your personal interest, fascination, and engagement with something in your world.

Purpose – your professional direction and what you really want to achieve with your Passion.

Picturing – visualizing and feeling your aims with all your senses.

Planning – the strategies, tactics, and actions that will get you there.

Practice – building your skills, abilities, and confidence to execute.

Persistence – keeping on keeping on towards your aims, despite setbacks.

I think it’s pretty clear that we need all of these to achieve anything in our business – especially if we are self-employed!

When we are Getting Out There, all of these 6Ps are needed.

So, take a sec and think about your business marketing and selling activities right now.

And then score yourself from 1 to 10 on each one of these Ps.

Do it now, OK?

How did you do? Which ones were high and which ones were low?

The higher the score, the higher your Getting Out There QuotientTM!

With the 6Ps, it’s like a chain where the chain is as strong as the weakest link. So, you need to strengthen your weakest link.

So, why are these 6Ps so vital to Getting Out There and Making it Happen?

And, even more importantly, are there ways to increase your scores in all or at least some of the 6Ps?

Let’s take a look at how these 6Ps work and impact us.

Passion – This is our WHY, our spark, what draws our life energy. It’s not something we chose. It chose us, who knows why? An interest stimulated in school? watching Star Trek? or an innate talent? But we all have them. Our passions are the emotional foundation of our lives.

I’m not sure we can actually strengthen these, but we can certainly recognize what they are and how they drive us if we look closely enough.

What is the primary passion related to your business? 

Purpose – This is the real-world channeling of our Passions. If music is our passion, our purpose may be to become a pop singer, or a jazz musician. Whatever it is, this may become our direction or calling in life, and the clearer the purpose, the easier the success.

If we are uncertain about our purpose, we can work at exploring the possibilities until the right direction becomes clearer and clearer.

What is your primary business purpose?

Picturing – When we can see it, feel it, and taste it, we are so much closer to success. Sometimes this will come naturally, with little effort, where we can see ourselves in action, moving forward successfully. But sometimes our purpose and direction may seem cloudy and uncertain.

This is a skill that we can develop with a little practice and guidance. It takes getting out of our stories and letting our senses guide us.

See and feel your business happening successfully.

Planning – Mapping out our long and short-term goals for both the development and implementation of our purpose and vision are a lifetime practice. And then mastering the skills of action planning and time and energy management gets us across the finish line.

Success at planning and achieving one goal at a time is a lifelong habit that everyone needs to work on and can all make progress with.

What is your plan for the next few weeks?

Practice – The core disciplines and skills of our professions don’t develop automatically. We can’t wing it when it comes to expertise. And without practice, they atrophy. Plus, there’s never a time we can stop honing our skills. There is no ceiling.

We often underestimate the time it will take to develop new skills, so it must become a daily practice of continuous improvement.

What key skills do you need to practice?

Persistence – Getting Out There and succeeding not only takes time and effort, we all inevitably face setbacks and disappointments. What we aimed for often misses the mark and that can exact an emotional cost that makes us lose passion, purpose, and forward movement.

Setbacks require resiliency and the ability to put things in perspective. Things happened the way they happened. OK, so what’s next?

Where do you need to persist right now?

When we are committed to Getting Out There in our businesses, we realize this includes the skills of marketing and selling.

Too many businesses put their main focus on “Getting the Job Done” but not enough on “Bringing in More Work.”

So, which are the strongest and weakest of your 6 Ps?

What are you committed to developing this year?

One key to building strength in each of them is to go slowly and surely.

Pick just one area below where you want to build your Getting Out There muscles and focus on that until you have increased your ability and capacity, if only a little.

Recognize and feel your authentic passion in the moment.

Zero in on, articulate, and commit to your purpose.

See yourself feeling your passion and fulfilling your purpose.

Map out a specific plan for a project and a timeline for action steps.

Choose one specific skill you want to practice to build your capacity.

Commit to persist in an area where you are currently struggling.

These are simple steps. But they can also be challenging.

Work on whatever you choose, slowly and deliberately in-the-moment.

Cheers, Robert


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