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Take A HOLIDAY From Your Thoughts3 Min Read

Take a HOLIDAY from Your Thoughts3 min read


Did you ever notice that you tend to avoid or struggle with certain marketing activities?

Two big ones that come to mind are developing marketing materials of any kind and getting meetings with prospective clients.

If you could move forward more easily with both of those, attracting clients would be faster, more effective and, gasp, dare I say it, more fun.

So, what’s the big deal? Why are these two key marketing activities avoided so often?

Well, just a cursory observation of your thinking process related to these two activities should make it clear pretty quickly.

I’ll bet your thoughts have some or all of these characteristics:

Limited, fearful, doubtful, confused, anxious, worried, pessimistic.

Writing and developing marketing materials tends to trigger, “I’m not saying the right thing, this is not good enough,” kind of thoughts.

Reaching out to get meetings with prospective clients trigger, “They won’t be interested, I don’t want to bother them,” kind of thoughts.

See the similarity here? All of these thoughts are related to, “I won’t be accepted, I’ll be rejected.”

And if you believe, those thoughts, why on earth would you want to engage in those activities?

Won’t doing those things only lead to pain and suffering?

Look, this is why most self-employed professionals don’t do any marketing at all and rely primarily on word-of-mouth business.

So, I want to suggest an approach that is amazingly powerful.

Look, those thoughts get triggered every time you think about those marketing activities, right?

And processing them, trying to replace them with other thoughts, resisting them, etc. really aren’t that effective, are they?

No, because you’ve tried that stuff a thousand times. With piss-poor results.

And all that work takes so much effort, doesn’t it?

So, what’s possible instead is taking a HOLIDAY from all that thinking, all that efforting, all that struggling.

When you take a HOLIDAY, you step back into who you really are.

At its most fundamental, this is recognizing that who you are is…


This really takes no effort as it is who you are already.

You now see all your limiting, fearful, anxious thoughts as no more significant than flies buzzing around your head.

Ultimately, the flies will go away. But you remain here.


You can have a HOLIDAY anytime.

And, in fact, all those distracting thoughts can be reminders to have HOLIDAYS.

“Oops, there’s that fearful thought!” Then have a HOLIDAY.

A HOLIDAY is coming back to YOU: AWARE. HERE. NOW. ALIVE.

This is the REAL YOU, the essential you, and never goes away.

Now, how will this help your marketing and why am I sharing this?

Well, because ultimately the biggest issue in attracting clients to your business are not marketing strategies and tactics.

There are a million of those. Some work better than others.

NO, the biggest issue is your fearful, limiting, thoughts that prevent you from trying anything.

These thoughts kill courage, creativity, and initiative.

So, I invite you to simply take a HOLIDAY from them.

In the moment, recognize that those thoughts are not who you are, they are temporary, insubstantial, and for the most part, completely untrue.

What is clearly true is that you are AWARE. HERE. NOW. ALIVE.

In this simple recognition, fear, doubt, and worry dissipate effortlessly.

And taking action in your marketing becomes simpler, easier, and more effective. The struggle dissolves.

It’s as if a huge weight holding you down has been lifted off of you.

And, of course, this applies to everything in your life.

Tired of struggling with your marketing (or anything else)?


Cheers, Robert

P.S. These ideas are adapted from the work of Salvadore Poe, that I have been experimenting with for the past five years.


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