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The Magic Of Practice

The Magic of Practice

Imagine that a talented gymnast hires a new coach. In their first session, the coach shows the gymnast the step-by-step moves for a gymnastic routine. With a little time and practice, the gymnast gets the fundamentals of the routine down.…

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IMC Mid-Year Business Tune-Up June 13, 2019 Oakland City Center Conference Center 500 12th Street, Oakland, CA Powerful Strategies for Attracting New Clients to Your Consulting Business What's more important to your consulting practice than attracting more of your ideal…

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Get Attention – Short Letter

  Get Attention – Get Meetings – Get Clients With Attention-Based Direct Outreach (ABDO) This is the alternate email for those who hate long sales letters and hype and just want the facts, stated as simply as possible. I did…

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Action Plan Marketing

club login Hi, I'm Robert Middleton and for 39 years I was a marketing coach, consultant, and trainer who helped self-employed people attract more clients. Above are some of my clients in a group program in 2012. In 2000 I…

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