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How To Discover Your Genius

How to Discover Your Genius

We’ve all been duped about genius. We see the genius as a brilliant intellectual who comes up with ground-breaking ideas and discoveries. We think of Leonardo, Einstein, Goodall, Hawkins, Jobs, and Musk. Most of us can’t imagine ourselves being in…

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How To Make Cold Calls Hot

How to Make Cold Calls Hot

I’ll get right to the point. I’ve developed a model for direct outreach marketing that shows you how to get more conversations and meetings with prospective clients by turning cold calls into hot calls. In marketing, there are two very important…

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What Kind Of Business Are You?

What Kind of Business Are You?

Imagine attending a lively business seminar where people are having animated interactions between sessions. And you overhear a conversation in a group of three business owners talking about the purpose of a business: Person 1: What do you think the purpose of…

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Create The Perfect Marketing Plan

Create the Perfect Marketing Plan

We expect perfection in everything these days. Perfection in our schools, healthcare, government and business. And, of course, in ourselves. If it's not perfect it's just not good enough. And, of course we want our marketing to be perfect, too. We want every marketing activity to…

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Here’s Why Trying Doesn’t Work

Here’s Why Trying Doesn’t Work

Fitz's wife is asking him to stop drinking and gambling.  And Fitz replies halfheartedly, "I'll try…" But Fitz is not your run-of-the-mill drunk gambler. He's a brilliant police psychologist from the mid '90s English drama, Cracker, starting Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid from Harry Potter). But as brilliant and…

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