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The Art Of Honest Influence

The Art of Honest Influence

Marketing your professional services and your efforts to attract new clients to your business could be called “The art of honest influence.” First, a few definitions: Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Honest: free of…

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How To Write A Great Sales Letter

How to Write a Great Sales Letter

In the ABDO (Attention-Based Direct Outreach) Marketing process there are five main components: 1. Getting your list of prospective clients together. 2. Getting attention via email or other marketing activity. 3. Getting a meeting and initial conversation with your prospective…

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Get Attention – Short Letter

  Get Attention – Get Meetings – Get Clients With Attention-Based Direct Outreach (ABDO) This is the alternate email for those who hate long sales letters and hype and just want the facts, stated as simply as possible. I did…

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