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Seven Secrets To My Marketing Genius4 Min Read

Seven Secrets to My Marketing Genius4 min read


I recently sent an email to those in my current Marketing Action Group Program sharing about my, ahem, “Marketing Genius.”

I seem to have a knack for attracting new clients, filling my programs, and keeping my head above water in good times or bad.

In fact, after the financial crisis of 2009, I had the best four years ever in my business.

So, do I have a secret? Do I have a strategy that nobody else uses? Do I have a crystal ball telling me what will work the best?

And do I ever have hard times and setbacks? And how well am I dealing with the economic impact of the pandemic?

Well, I really don’t have ONE BIG SECRET. I have a bunch of little secrets and I’m going to share ALL of them with you today. I’ll keep them short and sweet.

And I believe these are things that absolutely everyone can do in their business to keep moving forward in both good times hard times.

Warning: All of these ideas might seem quite ordinary. Well, they are actually. The question is, are you practicing them? If you are, you can be a marketing genius, too!

#1 – I know I have solid value to offer. All I have to do is look at the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years. And I know the majority of them have gotten some value from my work. I don’t pretend to perform miracles, but when people implement my ideas they get results.

So I don’t beat myself up for being imperfect (which I certainly am). I just remember my value and keep on keeping on, doing the best I can. I get discouraged very infrequently because of this.

#2 – I know I must keep my name in front of my prospective clients for the long term. I realize that everyone has a zillion other things on their mind. I know most people are not thinking about me and what I can do for them on any given day.
So I play the long game. I write this newsletter every single week. I promote my new programs. And I never take it for granted that people will remember me.

#3 – I make specific offers for my services through emails, online materials, and presentations. I don’t wait around for the phone to ring or for someone to respond on my website. No, I reach out with emails, webinars, and offers for my services.

I know everyone’s services are different, but I pound this idea into my clients’ heads every single day: “You need to be proactive, not passive, and get your message out there over and over if you want results.”

#4. I try and test a lot of different strategies. Right now certain marketing activities are not working very well. For instance, I’m finding that online sales letters are not working well at all. I think people are inundated with stuff to read online these days.

But webinars are killing it! Yes, direct, live communication with my audience is getting better results than anything else right now.
But if that stops working, I’ll do some research and find something else.

#5 – I am ridiculously persistent. I don’t give up. Ever. If something doesn’t get a great result, I’ll fine-tune it, tweak it, and enhance it until it does. I don’t write a sales letter once. I write it three times. I don’t settle on one webinar, I keep improving on it.

#6 – I focus on contribution, not on success. Success is overrated. I make more than enough money to live on. I live in an amazing place. I have more jazz albums than I can listen to for a lifetime!

But making a difference to my clients never gets old. Every time I help a client, solve a problem, or come up with a new idea, I’m renewed and energized. That’s what I live for, not for the money.

#7 – I take my dogs for a walk in the park every single day! Yeah, this is really important – to step away from my desk and unwind with two little fuzzballs who are full of love and enthusiasm.

This has made a huge difference to my quality of life and helps me remember that there is much more to life than working – no matter how much I love that work.

So, what is most important to you? I think it helps to get really clear about that. Write it down. And then live it to the best of your ability.

Cheers, Robert

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