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The Website Toolkit

Creating a Client-Attracting Professional Web Site

Confused about how to make your site better? You’re not alone!

Most Independent Professionals (consultants, coaches, trainers, writers, designers, financial and employment professionals, etc.) want a better website – a website that actually helps attract more clients. But they have no idea how to do this. They don’t know where to start, what to do and how to make their website truly effective.

Not only can you have a great website that pulls in new business, in the process of creating this website you’ll build a solid marketing communication foundation for your business that will serve you for years to come.

But how do you do that? Where do you start? Here are the most important elements of a successful website:

Quality Content – Everyone says that content on a website is important, but what content? What should it say and how should it be written? What are the most important pages and how should they be arranged? And should you do all the writing or get someone to help you?

Functional Design – Nobody wants an ugly site or a site that distracts from the content, but what is good web design anyway? Is your site design hurting you or helping you? How do you find out? And should we design our own website or find a designer; and where do you find (and manage) a good one?

Clear Navigation – We all know navigating around a site is important but how much navigation is too much or too little? Should navigation buttons be in text or graphics? And should we put lots of links in our sites or just a few? How do we guide people in the right direction so they don’t get lost?

Stimulating Action – Wouldn’t it be great if more people who visited your site actually took some action, picked up the phone, filled out a form or sent you an email? But what exactly do you have to do to get people to do this? Do you have to manipulate people or can you be a little more low-key and still get results?

Free Information – If a lot of people signed up for your free report and eZine, you’d be delighted. You have value to offer; why aren’t more people taking advantage of it? Do you need to make a different offer or is it how you set up you sign-up page? And how much free stuff should you give away on your site anyway?

Website Traffic – And is it possible nowadays to get listed high on the search engines to drive traffic to your site? Is it even worth the time trying? Are there other ways to get the right kind of qualified prospects visiting your site? Can you generate word-of-mouth about your site by doing the right things? And will these things cost any or much money?

These are exactly the kind of questions people have been asking me about websites for several years. I finally decided I needed to answer them conclusively. And I created the Website ToolKit to do just that.

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your Website Toolkit a few months ago and I’ve implemented a lot of your suggestions. Since updating my website using what I learned in the Website Toolkit and the InfoGuru manual, my website has taken off. In January 2005 I had no visitors to my website, yes a big fat zero!

“Since August, I’ve been averaging over 6000 unique visitors every month. I didn’t have an email list in January and now I have over 1500 people on my list. I send a newsletter every other week and I’m averaging 3-5 new subscribers every day. My traffic ranking at was over 2,500,000 at the beginning of the year and this week I’m now at 96,312 and climbing fast. My Google page rank has risen from 0 to 4 since August when I implemented most of my changes.

     – Ted Prodromou

This is something you must have in your business

I wish it wasn’t so confusing – but it is. And there are some answers.

There’s no reason your website can’t be a magnet that attracts new clients to your business. Many more people can come to your website and… eagerly read what’s there, bookmark the site to return later, tell their friends about the site, give you their contact information and respond to you by phone or email ready to do business with you. I know it can happen, because my site and the ones I’ve helped to create, do this day in and day out.

My name is Robert Middleton, and if you don’t know me already, let me tell you a bit about me and the Action Plan Marketing website. I’ve been helping Independent Professionals market themselves more successfully since 1984. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients. Not only have I designed my own site, but the sites for more than 50 other businesses. And I’ve cracked the code on what makes a site get consistent results. It’s really just a matter of experience and know-how.

I now attract most of my new business through this website. Each month I get over 300 new subscribers to my weekly eZine, More Clients, through this website. I’m living proof that a quality website with the right content and design can and will attract new clients to your business.

If your website does better than this, this program may not be for you. But if you’d like to improve your website, without a lot of hype and marketing B.S., the WebSite ToolKit may be what you’re looking for.

The Website Toolkit is for you if..

You’ve always wanted a website but just didn’t know where to start.

You want to know what exactly should go on your website and how to get the website design and up on the web. You want to use your website to educate your potential clients about your business and make the most positive impression possible. You also want your website to help you attract more clients and increase your income.


You already have a website but you aren’t satisfied with it.

It’s not getting you the results you want and you need to make it better. You may have some good content on your site but you want to know what you’re missing so that you can improve it. You also want your website to help you attract more clients and increase your income.

What exactly is the Website Toolkit and how will it help me?

The Website Toolkit is a comprehensive program that gives you everything you need to build a high-quality professional service business website that gets results.

The Website Toolkit is divided into sections that correspond to each section or key page of a website. Include in each section is:

• An mp3 audio tutorial that explains what should go on each page and how to write that page

• Written instructions for writing every page on your site

•  Links to website samples for every key page on your site

In addition, I’ve included links to resources such as editors, writers, web designers and useful web and Internet tools and services. But more on this below.

“The Website Toolkit is exactly what I needed. It’s made an overwhelming task into a manageable one. It told me where to start! Of course, the job isn’t finished yet! — but I know what I have to do, I know how to do it, and I know I CAN do it. Even better, I’m feeling much better about the “whole thing” because I have, at last, made progress.”

     – Margaret Stuart – Management consultant – Australia


Everything you get in the Website ToolKit

This is everything you get. But it adds up to more than the sum of the parts. The Website Toolkit is the most complete program (that I know of) that is designed to help Independent Professionals create a high-quality website that will help attract more clients to your business.

It includes…

1. Complete Audio Tutorial

I had interviewer extraordinaire Bill Metcalf interview me for four and half hours on everything you need to put on your website. We divided it into ten sections that cover the exact content you need to put on every single page. We also go into great detail on how to work with designers and other professionals to develop the highest quality website possible – without spending a fortune. Bill really worked to squeeze out every single principle, tip, how-to, and secret of creating powerful websites that I know.

Plus you also get the complete 118 pages transcription of the audio tutorial in pdf format. For those who prefer to read instead of listening.

2. Complete Instruction Guide

The Instruction Guide (also divided into ten easy-to-use sections) covers all the information you’ll need in developing your web content. After you’ve listened to the tutorial, go to the instruction guide for the exact how-tos for developing the content for your web pages. All the materials are online, easy to access and read.

Plus, you also get these valuable bonuses

Bonus 1. Sample Websites

We’ve included links to 92 different web pages (ten or more samples each for all eight main web pages) to give you very detailed examples of the content you should put on every page of your site. You won’t have to guess what good content is – you’ll be able to emulate it by referring to these sample pages.

Bonus 2. Professional Services

Also included are contact information for professionals who can help you edit your web content, website developers, and even people who can interview your clients to get the best testimonials. These people are familiar with my approach to marketing and websites and can help you develop a quality site.

Bonus 3. Online Resources and Services

There are so many online resources that it can get confusing. We’ve narrowed it down to 35 of the very best online resources and services. We’ve included links to:

• Domain registration and web hosting

• Web development tools

• Word Press templates

• Tools for finding keywords

• Web promotion tools and resources

• Email tools

• Web marketing ebooks and courses

• Online payment systems

• Web information sites and other valuable online tools

Bonus 4. Website Development Checklist.

This handy checklist will tell you what to do and the order in which to do it. This is pretty simple but it will help you keep on track while you manage the development of your site. Over 30 items arranged in the order you need to work on them.

Please note that the WebSite ToolKit is a complete tutorial for building the content of your website, plus in-depth guidelines for design and formatting. It is not a program for designing your website. We usually recommend finding a web designer to designing your site with Word Press or Square Space templates.

At the end of 2017, I redesigned my website from scratch, using WordPress. This platform is the most flexible available and allows you to do anything you want on your site. However, easier-to-use platforms such as Squarespace and Wix are more user-friendly and enable you to create a site more quickly. In the Website Toolkit, I explore the various platform options and how to choose a platform and web developer.

“I wanted to say what a fantastic kit the Website ToolKit is. I have purchased all sorts of books, ebooks, web courses before but none of them inspired me enough to actually sit down and do the work. They all seemed too overwhelming and too technical.

“Thanks to your course I have completed the first draft of a ten-page site and I’m very proud of it. I found the process so easy because of your clear instructions and reasons for laying it out that way. The home page being left to the end has really let my creative juices flow.

“Also being able to look at examples provided inspiration and ideas for some of the things I wanted to say but didn’t have the words for. I hope to finalize it in the next two weeks and at last, will have a professional looking website with the right content for increasing my business.”

     – Mary Taylor-Whyte – Lemon Coaching – United Kingdom

Your Investment

In my Marketing Action Groups, the 6-month intensive program I facilitated for Independent Professionals, we worked on website content for three months of the program. I feel it’s that important. The content of the Website ToolKit was assembled from the material I developed for the Marketing Action Groups. In fact, this program is even more comprehensive.

If I charged what it cost the participants of the Marketing Action Group, this program would cost $750. But I want to make it as accessible as possible to Independent Professionals. I feel $375 would be a fair price, but I know that would still limit those who could afford it. So I’m offering the Website ToolKit for only $79 so that any Independent Professional can afford it and start using it right away.

“The toolkit is awesome! Thanks so much for creating this product and for offering it at such an incredibly low price. The value is truly unbelievable. I am going to be insisting that all my clients purchase it.”

     – Juliet Austin

The Value of the Website ToolKit

The ToolKit has the in-depth audio tutorial and transcription, includes 92 examples of websites and has links to dozens of resources, services, and tools. I promise you’ll get more than your money’s worth and that the ToolKit will make it a whole lot easier to get your website completed and up on the web.

Something else people tell me about the Website ToolKit is that the value they get from it is way beyond the creation of a website. What you get is clarity about your business, what exactly your business offers, who your ideal clients are, what your services are, and how to communicate all of this clearly and concisely.

In the process of developing the content of your website, you’ll actually be taking an advanced course in marketing communication. Once you’ve completed the ToolKit, you’ll be speaking about your business and services with more confidence and persuasiveness. And once you have built this communication foundation for your business, the rest of your marketing becomes much easier.

“Well, I finished the Toolkit, taking notes the whole way. I kept a pad of paper and a pen at hand all the time and was constantly writing down ideas as they came to me – quite a challenge while driving!

“It’s now in the hands of my good friend, a trusted proofreader and editor. She is making some minor changes to the copy and tightening the HTML so that the design of the page supports the text without distracting from the content.

“In all, this has been a wonderful experience which has helped me develop my business model. I plan to “open the doors” on August 1st, and the newly improved website will be an integral part of my marketing campaign. I’m very proud of my website now and believe it is award-winning in both content and design. Although not the first site I’ve created, it’s by far the best. And that, sir, is thanks to you.” 

     – Beth Cox – Senior Designer – Things Done Creative Services

My One Year Unconditional Guarantee

Order and use the Website ToolKit. You have one full year to apply the ToolKit to developing a client-attracting website. If you are not satisfied anytime between when you order it and a full year afterward, you may ask for and receive a full, 100% refund with no questions asked.

If you’re not sure the ToolKit will work for you, make sure to see the over 50 websites that have been created using the Website ToolKit. These customers are raving about the ToolKit and how it helped them put together a high-quality site in record time. Click here to see the sites.

Order the Website Toolkit Today

Yes Robert, count me in! I want to develop a high-quality website for my professional service business and start attracting more clients as soon as possible.

The Website ToolKit is only $79. This includes everything listed above.

The Website ToolKit is guaranteed for one full year. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may ask for and receive a full, 100% refund with no questions asked.

Please note that if you are a member of the More Clients Club, the Website ToolKit is included in your membership. If you would prefer to be a member and get access to the ToolKit and all the other programs in the Club, click here.

To order, click on the link below.


The Website Toolkit $750 – Now $79

Includes everything as outlined on the page above


Note: This is an online product only. There is no hard copy manual or CDs. You will receive a confirmation and access to the Toolkit by email immediately after ordering. If you don’t get this, let me know right away!

From the Winner of our Website ToolKit Contest

“I was really quite nervous to see whether we would be in the finalists or not, so imagine my surprise and sheer delight when I clicked on the winners to find my name at the top!!! Wow! I think I woke all the neighbors with my screech. We’re absolutely thrilled and would like to thank you for the fantastic support and guidelines within the WSTK. Since using them we are getting far more qualified leads/inquiries, generating more income as a result and generally improving and growing our business. So, winning the competition is fantastic and I’m still shaking with delight but more than that is that what you recommended is working!?”

     – Melissa Bates – Certain Changes

Note: The sites shown on this page were designed with the help of the Website Toolkit



“The Website Toolkit is exactly what I needed. It’s made an overwhelming task into a manageable one. It told me where to start! Of course, the job isn’t finished yet! — but I know what I have to do, I know how to do it, and I know I CAN do it. Even better, I’m feeling much better about the “whole thing” because I have, at last, made progress.”

     – Margaret Stuart – Management consultant – Australia

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