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Preview for New Action Plan Graduate Group

I wanted to announce my new Action Plan Graduate Program (APGP for short). It’s starting on Wednesday, October 5 at 10 am Pacific.

The preview is on September 7 – 10am PT, 11MT, 12CT, 1ET, 6UK, 7EU.

Please make your reservation here:

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This program is exclusively for past clients of mine or those who have attended one of my multi-month group programs.

And, like everything I do, I’m inventing it as I go!

So, I’m excited to invite you to a preview of the program next week. 

This will not be webinar or a pitch, but a quick overview and then an actual session of the APGP (including break-out groups).

I just wanted to give you a real taste of what’s possible for a group committed to mutual support, growth, and transformation.

You’ll have a chance to introduce yourself and share your current primary goal for your business and what your biggest challenge is in moving forward.

You’ll also have the chance to share ideas, resources, or connections that may be of use to others.

Plus, an exercise that has the potential to rock your world.

As long as you’ve been a past client of mine or attended one of my group programs, you’re invited to attend. (You know who you are!)

The past year has been one of amazing growth and insights for me. I’m discovering exciting new ways to attract clients more effectively with less effort and more fun.

At the core of it is learning new ways to bring people together, get meetings and have conversations that move your business forward.

I am committed to sharing everything I’ve learned and helping you any way I can to help you grow your business and make a real difference.

See you on September 7 – 10am PT, 11MT, 12CT, 1ET, 6UK, 7EU.

Just reserve your space with the form above.

Cheers, Robert

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