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Have you previously worked with me individually or in a group program? Well, you’re in luck!

You already know what to do to attract clients. You even know how to do it. But you may not be consistently taking the actions you need to attract great clients to your business and increase your income.

So, are you open to support, ideas, masterminding, and accountability, to keep your business moving forward?

Look, we’re all self-employed professionals. We are great at what we do. We all strive to make a real difference to our clients. But staying on track with attracting clients can still be challenging!

So, I wanted to create an exclusive Graduate Action Group that will support clients who have worked with me individually or in one of my many group programs over the years.

You have powerful value to offer your clients. What if you could be in a small community of other self-employed professionals committed to growing their business and also supporting yours? People who are smart, have a sense of humor, and who want to make a difference.

What is the purpose of the group?

The purpose of the group is to provide the ideas, support, and resources that will enable you to attract more great clients, make a bigger difference in your business, and help you move things forward as productively and workably as possible. In other words, a regular kick in the butt.

My vision for the group

This group came out of the request from the participants of the last group program I did. They said they were open to a graduate group.

So, I agreed to do it and decided to also invite those who have worked with me before in groups or individually.

In most of the groups I’ve held, I teach, answer questions, and give assignments, feedback, and support.

My formula is information + action + time = results

In the graduate group, I want it to be more interactive and have the participants be more self-generative.

I don’t want to teach as much as I want to provoke and challenge.

I believe if that we are to make the difference we want to make, it takes a community of support.

Going it alone can only take us so far.

Here are some of the things we’ll do in the group:

1. I’ll ask you what is challenging you most right now. And then, as a group, we’ll coach and support you in coming up with ideas and solutions.

2. You’ll share a project or plan you’re working on and get input and brainstorming from the group.

3. I’ll challenge everyone to take on something that stretches you. It will be up to you to accept or decline the challenge.

4. We’ll explore common beliefs that hold you back in your marketing and inquire into that belief to discover alternate possibilities.

5. We’ll explore how to take something that is already working for you and tweak it, refine it, and push it to the next level.

6. And any other approach or structure that would be workable and supportive.

The group will include a mix of outer and inner work

Outer means marketing and business strategies, tactics, plans, etc.

Inner means the internal issues that stop you from moving forward.

The outer is obviously important. The inner is almost always more important.

We’ll meet as a group and we’ll also break into smaller groups

Every group session will have one focus, one question, one idea, or one exploration.

We’ll work on that one area for about half of the time in the larger group and then the rest of the time we’ll work on that one area in small breakout groups (on Zoom).

Only a few of the elements of the group will be fixed: The dates, the times, the people.

Everything else will be flexible, changeable, and adaptable to the needs of the group.

Dates and Times

The date of the first session will be Wednesday, October 5, and the second on October 19.

Twice monthly on Wednesdays at 10 am Pacific. (11MT, 12CT, 1ET, 6UK, 7EU)

What Resources Will be Included?

Well, how about everything of value I’ve ever created?

Everyone will get free access to my More Clients Club with courses, expert interviews, etc.

Included will be access to my most recent Marketing Documents for all aspects of the marketing process.

A web page with all members’ contact information, plus an online discussion group.

Special how-to videos for the most important marketing strategies and tactics.

Systems for accountability and reporting of actions and results.

Unlimited access to me by email for feedback questions, resources, etc. I want to ensure that you get what you need to confidently move forward.

What are the Membership and Payment Details?

Membership is open to anyone who has worked with me individually or in a group program and is ready to take their business to the next level. You’re sick and tired of always going it alone.

Membership is limited to 12 to 16 participants to start so that everyone gets to know each other without getting lost in a big group.

The fee is $250 per month with a 6-month minimum commitment. This includes all of the services listed above.

However, as we are just getting started with this, here’s the offer: The first month is free. Join the group. Show up and participate. And if you feel the long-term value is there, you are invited to join and pay the small monthly fee.

What’s Required for Attendance and Participation?

You’re encouraged to attend all the live sessions. However, if you need to miss a session, a video recording will be made available.

I’m looking for those who want to be active participants, get to know the other members, and be willing to do the work to move their businesses forward.

Are You Interested?

If you think this Action Plan Graduate Group may be for you, please fill out the short form below and I’ll get back to you with more information, preparation work, etc.

I look forward to continuing to work play with you!

Cheers, Robert

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