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The Marketing Action Group

A program to help you put your marketing into action

When I started my coaching business over 30 years ago, I really struggled with my marketing.

The hardest thing for me was making follow-up calls to people. I used every excuse I could find not to make those calls.

I’d return from a networking event with a stack of cards, put them in my desk and then never call anyone.

I’d give a talk and return with an even bigger stack of cards and not follow-up with any of those either.

But at some point, I realized I would die poor and without any clients if I didn’t figure out how to follow up, have conversations, and convert some prospects into clients.

Ultimately, I learned what to do, started to do it, and then got very good at it. And the rest, as they say, is history!

I conducted a speaking campaign in the summer and fall of 1995 and followed up with everyone who attended. This generated 26 new clients in 26 weeks!

And I still use direct outreach to turn leads into new clients.

I’ve attracted thousands of clients to my business, and the foundation has always been reaching out and connecting.

And since 2002 I’ve been leading Marketing Action Groups designed to help independent professionals get out there, make connections and land new clients.


Watch this short video to get a sense of what this program is about. Leslie Odom Jr. got it after 10 years into his career. Some people never get it.

Do you Struggle with Making Connections and Following Up?

If you don’t have as much business as you’d like, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re not making those connections and following through.

Instead, you may be waiting for clients to call you, or hoping to get referrals from happy clients.

It’s great when that happens, but if it’s not happening as frequently as you’d like, what’s your plan?

You don’t have one, right? That’s why you’re reading this!

Look, if this is true for you, you’re not alone.

This is the number one reason why independent professionals are not attracting enough clients—they are simply avoiding connecting with prospective clients.

Perhaps you’re uncertain about how to do this successfully and your efforts up to this point haven’t gotten you anywhere.

OK, so what do you do? How do you get better at this? How do make this process easier, not such a struggle?

Well, that’s what this program is all about.


Introducing the Marketing Action Group – Reach Out and Touch Someone

I’ve developed this program to make it easier, and more effective to reach out, make connections, have more conversations, get more meetings and land more clients.

Like the old AT&T advertising, I call it, “Reach Out and Touch Someone.”

There are three primary components to this.

1. Identifying prospective clients to reach out to and then make connections in a number of different ways, such sending personalized emails, making follow-up calls, or connecting via social media.

2. When you get responses from these connections, providing additional information about your services such as material on a website, an article or a presentation.

3. Setting up more in-depth meetings or “Strategy Sessions” with prospective clients to explore the possibility of working with them and inviting them to work with you.

This proactive approach is an effective and fast way to attract more clients.

It’s all based on clearly communicating the value of what you offer and having powerful conversations that convert prospective clients into paying clients.

And mastering this approach to reaching out will also help you with other areas of marketing such as booking speaking engagements, getting articles published, writing sales letters, etc.


This is how the MAG program works

You’ll join me for a live group Zoom* video conference session once a week (Tuesdays at 12 noon Pacific) and I’ll be teaching, coaching and supporting you in reaching out every single day, making new contacts, following up, setting meetings, and converting prospects into new clients.

If you decide to join me, the program has one rule: You must agree to make a minimum of one connection every single weekday. This might be with a past client, a referral source or a prospective client.

By consistently taking action and communicating about your business in this way, you’ll start to build your marketing effectiveness and resilience. You’ll literally be building your marketing muscles.

I’ll show you exactly how to make it work for you. I’ll help you write emails that get a better response, script conversations that get more engagement and demonstrate how to make calls-for-action.

And we’ll spend as much time as necessary helping you get past any avoidance, confusion or resistance about this whole process.

The program will help you expand your comfort zone. As you make more connections and have more conversations with prospective clients, you’ll feel more at ease and authentic when talking about the value of your professional services.

Pretty soon, you’ll wonder why you avoided doing this for so long. And you’ll start to realize that the key to attracting more of your ideal clients is simply making more of these connections.

And it’s easier than you think, once you get the hang of it.


I’ve been helping people like you for a long time

Look, I’ve been helping individual clients do this for a very, very long time… for over 30 years.

I remember when I had a client in San Francisco who simply would not make connections. So we developed materials and scripts and practiced on the phone.

And he still wouldn’t do it. So one day we sat down and I demonstrated how to make calls. I just called a bunch of strangers and had conversations with them. Nothing terrible happened to me!

He finally got it: “I won’t die if I do this.” And he started making calls and making connections and getting clients. And later on, he laughed at the big deal he’d made out all of this. But then he never looked back and really started to grow his business.

Yes, there are other things you can do to market your business. You can blog, send out an email newsletter, do talks and a whole lot more. But until you can make connections, face rejection and overcome fear, you won’t get great results with those other marketing strategies.

This program will get you back to marketing basics. It focuses on the most important marketing activity of all – making connections.


If you join this program, this is what you can expect:

If you’re ready to jump in and go into action, what you can accomplish will surprise you. Here are some things you can expect.

1. You’ll develop a never-ending list of people to connect with (this is not about making cold calls).

2. You’ll get clear about who to connect with and what to say to anyone via email or phone.

3. You’ll make a lot of connections, more than you ever thought possible, and you’ll realize it’s easier than you think.

4. You’ll have great conversations by phone with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

5. You’ll get more referrals from existing clients as well as new business from old clients.

6. You’ll get much better at asking for what you want – and actually get it.

7. You’ll get past your barriers to getting paid what you’re worth and charge more for your services.

8. You’ll start to feel like you’re winning in your business, not just getting by.

9. You’ll feel more powerful, and more in control over the future of your business.

10. You’ll actually have more fun. I know that’s a stretch, but I’ve found it’s true with so many clients.


Some Actual Results

In the Marketing Action Group, over the past 8 months, we’ve chalked up some pretty impressive results.

Amina, a doctor turned career coach for doctors, doubled her business in three months and had the best month she’d ever had in her business.

Jeff, a management consultant, got a long-term client who is paying him $5K per month.

Sandra, a business writer, in her first month got projects totaling $20K.

Barney, an executive recruiter and coach, got a project worth more than $70K.

Denise, a business strategist, got 6 or 7 clients in the past 8 months plus a retainer client paying her $3K monthly just to be available to them.

Colleen, an executive coach, got 7 new clients, each worth $30K to $70K each over the next year.

Now, I can’t promise you’ll get those kinds of results with this approach.

But I do know that this non-gimmicky approach to attracting new clients is one of the most effective my clients have ever used.

What this program is NOT, is a quick fix, a “magical strategy” or a promise of instant results without any work.

Anything worth going for takes some time. It takes some practice, and you’ll make some mistakes along the way.

But this work is, relatively speaking, quite easy. It’s simply identifying prospects, sending emails, making calls, following up and having meetings.

You can do this.


This is what I promise you:

If you participate in this program, this is what you can expect from me:

1. I’ll be sharing ideas that have worked for my clients and me: nothing wild and experimental, just stuff that works.

2. I’ll give you some really effective strategies that are easy to understand and implement and get results with.

3. I’ll work through specific connection scenarios that may not be working for you and show you how to make them work.

4. I’ll invite you to play hard and I’ll press you to take action. But I won’t ask you to do anything I haven’t done.

5. I’ll approach this all with a sense of humor and fun. This is a game to me. I’ll show you how to have fun playing the game.

6. I’ll help you bring out the passion you have for your business. The more passion, the more you’ll want to share your work.

Another way of saying all of this is, I’ll turn myself inside out if that’s what it takes to help you take action to make more connections. I’ll give you my best stuff, and hold your feet to the fire. In return, I’ll ask you to make promises, take action and do your very best.


How is all of this structured?

It’s really simple, actually. We’ll work together every single week and get to work.

1. You’ll be with me on a live Zoom video call every Tuesday. You don’t want to miss sessions unless you have an emergency are on holiday or have a client meeting you can’t change.

2. If for some reason, you can’t make it, every call will be recorded and you’ll get a copy of the audio and video recording.

3. You’ll have access to a website that includes a lot of written and recorded materials on how to successfully reach out. Plus links to articles, videos, samples and more.

4. We have an online discussion group where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, and get answers. This is a BIG part of this program. A lot of coaching happens there.

5. And I’ll provide some simple systems for tracking your outreach activity.

6. BONUS – For each 3-month semester that you belong, you’ll get an intensive, 45-minute personal coaching session with me to help you get focused and on track.

Every week I’m coming up with new ideas and ways to helps you get out there and succeed.

All you need to do is show up, ask questions, commit to learning and take consistent action. If you can do that you can make this program work for you. Remember, you won’t be doing it alone.


What if you get stuck, and keep avoiding taking action?

In almost every session, we’ll address this. This is an important part of the program. Some will find it the most important part.

~ We’ll look at what stops you and show you how to get unstuck and back on track. It’s simply another skill and it’s something you can get better at.

~ I’ll have you question your beliefs and limitations and discover that the story of your resistance can be changed.

~ You’ll discover that the most effective action comes out of being here in the present moment, not in the past or future.

~ And you’ll learn that by taking simple action steps you’ll get out of your comfort zone and be on the way to winning.

By the way, this program is for you if you’re relatively new in your business or have been self-employed for years. As long as you are avoiding reaching out, making connections, getting meetings, etc, this program is for you.


Program Fee and your Commitment

The most important thing to ask yourself right now is, “Is this program right for me? Will it give me the support I need to move into action and start making those connections?” and, “Am I willing to do the work necessary to succeed?”

If your answer is “Yes,” to these questions, then I invite you to join me and a group of like-minded independent professionals.

The fee for the program is $149 per month.

You’ll pay via credit card with a recurring monthly billing.

I ask you to make a 3-month (one semester) commitment to participate in this program. After that, you can renew three months at a time, if you choose.

This program is not about building long-term dependency. I’ll be thrilled if you engage fully in this program and leave when you’re generating as much business as you can handle.


This is how to enroll in the Marketing Action Group

If you would like to be in the program you can sign up on the link below. This is an ongoing program, so you can register at any time.

Signup Below:

Membership: $149 per month. Paid monthly for 3 months.

Click here to register for the MAG Program

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be directed to the home page of the MAG program. Read all the information in the first section of that page and sign up for the Group Forum.

I hope we get a chance to work together in this powerful program! 

Please note that starting on Tuesday, April 3 we start the final three months of the Marketing Action Group. I’ll be taking new members in the group up to Monday, April 30 for the final 2 months. 


Robert Middleton

P.S. If you are just starting your business, don’t have a clear direction, a website, or some existing clients, you would be better off joining the Marketing Club first and building the foundation for your business.

Right below you’ll see a number of common questions and answers about the program.

* Zoom video requires a computer or tablet with a camera. You simply click on the link you’ll receive and you’re live with the whole group. This format is so much more involving than a teleconference. You get to be known much better by me and the other group members.

All sessions are recorded in both video and audio. If you miss a session, we provide the audio and video file.

Some Questions and Answers about the MAG

Q. Is this program just for beginners or is it also for experienced independent professionals?

A. The program is for both. If you’re new in your business and holding back on reaching out to your prospective clients, this program can get you off to a fast start. If you’re in business for awhile you may have stalled with your outreach and need a “shot in the arm” to get back on track.

Q. Why do you do this weekly instead of twice monthly? Isn’t it a bit much?

A. Not if you’re really serious about taking action. This is just one short hour out of a full work week. Each session will help you get focused, set your goals for the week, make plans, and work through any resistance you might be experiencing, and then go into action.

Q. When can I start the program?

A. The program is set up so you can join anytime. When you join, you get all the materials online to study immediately. And then in the sessions, you’ll get coached, supported and get your questions answered so you’re confident about getting out there.

You will be charged for your next month exactly one month after the first session you attend.

Q. What if I don’t feel I’m ready with all of my marketing materials, etc, before I start doing outreach?

A. Sure, it’s great to have your website together, have a good article and a sales page on your website. But these are things you can work on during the program. Too often, putting together your marketing materials is an excuse to not reach out. There is a deadly mindset: “I’m never prepared enough.” That can hold you back from taking action forever!

Q. Won’t I get overwhelmed with all the information?

A. I doubt it. This program is not heavy on learning a ton of information. There are a few things you’ll learn right away: 1. How do create outreach lists, 2. How do develop outreach emails, 3. How to make outreach and follow-up calls, how to get unstuck and stay on track.

Because the group is about coaching and support, you’ll learn what you need to know when you need to know it. For instance, if you’ve been reaching out and not getting many appointments, we’ll troubleshoot your approach, do some role-playing and leave you confident about taking the next step.

Q. Since there will be 30 in the group, will you have time to get to everyone?

A. Since the issues are pretty much the same for everyone, when I do some troubleshooting or coaching with one person, everyone else will benefit. After a few weeks, each step of the process will get clearer and clearer and you’ll get better at better at making connections, setting appointments and landing new clients.

Q. How soon can I expect to get results from this program? I don’t want to be in it forever!

A. I’m really not interested in building client dependency in this program. I want you to see success quickly. Most participants will discover that they can make connections that turn into appointments relatively quickly. And the more appointments you make, the closer you are to turning those meetings into clients.

Q. Should I also join the More Clients Club if I’m in this program?

A. You are welcome to join, of course. There are a lot of extra materials and resources in the Club, but they are not necessary to participate in the MAG Program. Here’s the link for the More Clients Club.

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