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Power Outages And Mindsets2 Min Read

Power Outages and Mindsets2 min read


Here I am sitting in my 54-degree frigid office, typing with numb fingers. 

The power has been out since Saturday evening and we’re not sure when it will be restored. But thanks to my trusty new WEN generator (above), I have power to my computer, Internet and refrigerator – the essentials for survival!

And strange as it may seem, I’m having a blast!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve mostly been writing about mindsets for the past several weeks. It’s become very clear to me recently, with the Marketing Action Groups I’m running, that the biggest determiner of marketing success is one’s mindset.

Unfortunately, when it comes to attracting clients, almost everyone is focused on discovering the perfect strategies, techniques, and hacks for marketing success. In other words: THE ANSWER!

“If only I knew the best strategies, the perfect words, the right phrases, the most persuasive arguments, then new clients would come flocking to me!”

Look, there’s some truth to that since marketing is all about communicating value. But it takes more than the “perfect communication strategy” to get the results you want.

It takes a certain “Marketing Mindset” to be successful in attracting clients. 

We’ve all heard about mindsets such as being positive, optimistic, and hopeful. But can you generate a mindset like that in any situation? What if nothing’s working, your results suck, and you have no idea what to do?

You’ll soon find that your mindset becomes negative, pessimistic, and hopeless.

The truth is, you can’t generate a mindset on demand. A mindset is the product of something else. It’s the product of a perspective, an understanding of how things really are.

And that perspective is this:

Whatever is happening right now is what
should be happening right now. 

The power should be out right now. How do I know? Because it’s out.

My marketing shouldn’t be working right now. How do I know? Because it’s not.

Anytime we say, “This situation should be different than it is,” we set ourselves up for disappointment. And mindsets such as negativity, pessimism, and hopelessness take hold.

When I take the perspective that whatever is happening should be happening, I am simply in the moment with the unlimited potential to create anything or take the next action. And my mindset will tend to shift naturally towards one that is positive, optimistic, and hopeful.

What this looks like in marketing is that you happily try something else. You experiment, you research, you get feedback and advice – anything it takes – until you find the strategy and tactics that work for you. (And you’ll actually have fun in the process.)

Success is never guaranteed in anything we do. But when you are open to accepting that anything that is happening right now is OK just the way it is, amazing things will open up for you.

Cheers, Robert


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