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Are you an Ordinary Visionary?

An Ordinary Visionary is someone who generates creative ideas and consistently puts them into action to make a difference.

They recognize possibilities or opportunities that others often overlook, fueled by enthusiasm to take risks and bring their ideas to life.

So, now tell me, are you an Ordinary Visionary?

If you’re reading this, I think there’s a very good possibility that you are. And, if so, I’d like to interview you. 

I am interviewing Ordinary Visionaries and making the interviews available online for my “Ordinary Visionaries Interviews.”

You can watch the most recent OV Interviews here:

About Robert Middleton

As a marketing coach for self-employed professionals for 39 years, I loved helping clients powerfully communicate the value of their work and the difference they made with their clients.

Now, in retirement, I’m interested in interviewing people who are committed to making a difference in their lives and their work. I call these people Ordinary Visionaries. Ordinary because they are everyday people simply doing their best to make a difference. Visionary in that they have visions for creating something valuable, something that makes a difference, and then taking action to make those visions real.

The purpose of the Ordinary Visionary interviews is to inspire people to work at making their visions real while making a tangible difference in the world. 

If you’d like to be interviewed:

We’ll do a private one-hour video interview, and I’ll ask questions about who and what you are as an Ordinary Visionary.

I’ll also want to know what you are most proud of and the biggest difference you’ve made. Plus, I’d like to hear about the obstacles you overcame. Finally, I’ll ask you about what you are working on and excited about right now. 

This interview will hopefully reveal who you are as an Ordinary Visoniary and inspire others in their journey. 

Then, we’ll make those interviews available on my website and, later, on YouTube. 

So, if you have the courage and can answer those questions and would like to be interviewed, then…

Please fill out the profile below. This has two purposes:

To get to know a little more about you before the interview and to get all your contact info in one place.

2. For you to get more clarity about how you are an ordinary visionary. Just writing this down can be very insightful. 


Robert Middleton

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