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One Big Key To Attracting More Clients3 Min Read

One Big Key to Attracting More Clients3 min read


Every week in my group program I coach the participants on one or more of the 8 Marketing Keys to Attracting More Clients.

This coming Thursday, I’ll be presenting a webinar with a scintillating outline of these 8 Keys.

Reserve your space here.

But hey, I know you want answers now, so in this edition of the Fearless Marketer, let me give you the first, and perhaps the most important marketing key. 

Key #1 – Communicate Your Value, Not Your Process

You can communicate about your business and professional services in a whole lot of ways. But there’s a good chance that what you’re communicating isn’t working.

To make it work, all your communications should be geared towards interesting your potential clients in knowing more about how you can help them.

The good old “What’s In It For Me?” factor.

You don’t get anyone’s attention by telling people what you do, but what they will get if they work with you.

If you say, “I work with companies on employment issues,” you’ve missed the boat.

If you state, “We help our clients to implement a hiring process,” nobody is going to get excited.

But if you say, “We help companies hire world-class employees that help them thrive and grow,” you just might get the attention you want.

That’s communicating value, no ands, ifs, or buts.

And then communicate that message over and over again with subtle changes for any media you use:

An article: “The 7 Secrets to Hiring World-Class Employees.”

A webinar: “How to Turn Your Workforce into World-Class Employees.”

A LinkedIn Post: “How this company went from also-ran to world-class with an innovative hiring strategy.”

Get the idea? If you can deliver the goods, let people know, without beating around the bush.

This sounds so obvious, so clear, so common sense.

But why do you hear marketing messages that communicate about a professional’s process instead of their results?

Well, it’s because we are up to our necks in the processes we deliver to our clients. We took a long time to work on learning those processes and perfecting them.

We B2B professionals are process nerds. And yes, there’s a time and place to talk about your process, your unique, patented, gold-plated approach to getting results.

But that’s waaaaay, down the line in the chain of communication. Yes, you actually want to stifle yourself from explaining how you do what you do too soon.

So, how does this look?

Them: “What do you do?” (notice that’s a trap to talk about your process. So, avoid that.)

You: “We produce this amazing result for our clients.”

Them: “Hmm, sounds interesting. How do you do that?” (Hint, don’t you dare tell them!!)

You: Well, let me tell you a story. We had a client who was in a heap of trouble. So we helped them. Now they own a castle in Denmark.

Them: “Wow, how do I find out more  about what you do?”

You: “So glad you asked. Let’s exchange cards and find a time to chat. Where would you like your castle to be?”

Yes, I have embellished this a tad for dramatic effect! But I hope you get the idea.

Results and success stories. What they get, not what you do.

Can you do that?

I dunno, but I encourage you to give it a try.

OK, hope to see you on Thursday when I’ll be sharing the Whole Shebang of the 8 Keys to Attracting More Clients.

Reserve your space here.

Cheers, Robert


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